Finding My Way – Lessons from a Prayer Walk

Last weekend was quite an eventful one for me. I started reading the book ‘Divine’ by Karen Kingsbury at the beginning of the week and OMG, the book began to do wonders to my spirit. If you haven’t read it, I’ll suggest that you do so. It is a book of hope and faith in the redemption power of Jesus.

As I read the book, I began to think about how I could begin to share the Gospel more with as many people as possible. The thought dropped in my spirit to join the Missions Team of my church whenever they go out for evangelism. They usually do this every Saturday morning. I approached one of the members of the team and she gave me all the details that I needed. Minus the fact that I had to wake up really early on Saturday morning, I was quite excited about going for evangelism. I was nervous as well. What was I going to say to people? Talking to strangers isn’t really one of my strong traits.

When Saturday came, I was late *covers face* but I got to church and I met the team praying. After the powerful session of prayers, we then went for the prayer walk in Jibowu. This actually wasn’t part of my plan but I wasn’t going to lose anything by going for the prayer walk and I didn’t have much to do that day so I went. To say that the prayer walk was a blessing is quite an understatement. There were times I could feel people staring at me funny because I was getting consumed in the spirit. At a point I wasn’t seeing the road clearly; I felt a strong burden in my spirit to pray for the souls that were not saved in that area. It was indeed refreshing.

I learnt many lessons from the prayer walk which is what I shared in the second episode of Finding My Way. I got to understand the importance of setting time aside to meet with God and fulfilling the will of God for our lives. Dr Christopher Kolade was in my church last Sunday and he said something that was quite profound. He said that as children of God, God has given us power but the best way for us to use this power is to use it to do His will.

How are you using the power that God has given to you? In what way are you living for Christ in your home, office and in your community? Are you living a passive Christian life or you are living boldly for God? I believe this is the season for the children of God all over the world to begin to step out and manifest. We have been endued with power from above. It’s time for us to use this power to take over the world for Jesus. I am committed to doing that. I hope you will be committed to doing so as well.

Enjoy this second episode and please share your thoughts with me.



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