What a Period Tracker taught me about Faith

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

I hesitated for a while before deciding to write this post. Did I really want to share about a Period Tracker? Isn’t that a bit too personal? But the lessons I learnt from the particular episode just wouldn’t leave me. So here I am writing about it. 

Stay with me. There an essence to this story. 

Three months ago I decided to download a Period Tracker. I was tired of doctors asking me questions about my period and me giving them a blank stare in return. How many days is your cycle? Do you know your ovulation period? Wait, what? I was completely clue. Sigh. 

Thank God for the App store. I downloaded Flo, hopeful that it will provide me with useful details about my period. For the first two months, the app was completely wrong. I remember January when it predicted my period was almost eight days away and it started the next day. Credit to the App though, it mentioned that my body may be going through hormonal changes which could have been caused by a change in diet. This was the time of the 21 day fast in my Church so maybe that explains. 

Anyway, back to story. 

At the beginning of February, I opened the app to check my potential period dates for the month. I noted it but then, I forgot about it. All of a sudden, last week I realised I had forgotten the dates stated by the App. I opened it and it said my period will start the next day. I just laughed. Why? Because the normal signs weren’t there. My body didn’t feel like my period was coming any time soon.

“Maybe early next week,” I told myself before going to bed. 

I woke up rudely shocked. My period actually came in full force that morning!

The App was correct even though I had no faith in it. My lack of faith wasn’t because it had been wrong the first two months; I knew it was going to take a while for the App to become accurate. I didn’t believe the app because I didn’t feel the usual signs in my body. 

That is when the Holy Spirit spoke to me. In the toilet oh! He said, “That’s the way you allow doubt to creep in when I give you a word simply because of what you feel. My word always stands irrespective of your feelings.” 

That got me as I remembered how, at the beginning of the week, I had been questioning God about some of the things He spoke to me about my business. I had started taking the steps He asked me to take but I was not seeing the results. In fact, let me just say that nothing was happening. Maybe I heard wrong? Maybe this thing is just not for me? Maybe it won’t work after all? Those were the thoughts in my head. 

God, because He is sovereign, used that Period Tracker to remind me that He is still in control. Whether I feel it or not, His word will always come to pass. All I just need to do is to believe and have faith. God cannot move in an atmosphere that is deeply soaked in doubt. He moves with faith. 

By faith we received our salvation and by faith we walk with God day by day. 

Don’t stop trusting in Him. 

I’ll leave you will this beautiful Scripture from Mark 11:24, 

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.



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