Does God know you?

I remember a decade ago, I was in my first year of uni. There was a particular trend that caught my attention. In December and May/June, my peers seemed to suddenly remember that God existed. Back then, people engaged more on Facebook and their status updates would contain one religious thing or the other. December and May/ June were exam periods where people (students) needed God the most. After that exam period was over, for most people it was back to the status quo until the next set of exams. 

Thinking about it now still makes me marvel because some of us still do this today. We use God as an emergency helpline. Someone we talk to when we are stuck and no one else can bring us out. For a lot of people, God is the last reThis. Thus shouldn’t be the case.

It is true that God loves you with an everlasting love and He will do anything for you because you are precious to Him. But there’s a part that you have to play to continue to enjoy God’s goodness; you must love Him, live for Him and do His will. God is not someone you should famz only when you need your miracle. He should be a part of your life; every minute, every second. 

A few days ago, I was at an event and one of the speakers said something that got me thinking. He said; “To succeed today, it is not about who you know but who knows you.” When you think about it, that statement is valid. It’s not uncommon to see people go for an event with high profile speakers and struggle to take pictures/ selfies with those people at the end of the event or give them their business card. For them, they get bragging rights on social media that they ‘know’ business tycoon A but the question is, does business tycoon A who has met several people in such circumstances, really know they exist? The one-off meeting with business tycoon A will only yield fruit after value has been exchanged and business tycoon A gets to know the person beyond the selfie/ business card level. 

I feel it is the same with God. You can go to church every Sunday and read your Bible occassionally and claim that you know God. The truth however is that you are shortchanging yourself. Although God knows you because He created you, you do not have an indepth relatiosnhip with Him. We all know that it’s only people who are close to our heart that get the best of what we have to offer; we sacrifice more for those we love and we give more to them.  

God wants you to have a deeper relationship with Him. He wants you to depend on Him and lean on Him. He wants you to talk to Him when you are happy and not just when things are not going well for you. He wants to lead you. He wants you to commit your day to Him. He wants you to ask Him for gudiance and direction. He doesn’t want you to wander off on your own and try to figure out life by yourself. He wants you to ask for His help.  

There is so much you can get from God but the best has been reserved for those who can go deeper with God. The Bible tells us that Moses knew the ways of God while the children knew His acts. It was evident who had a closer relationship with God. It’s therefore not surprising that God allowed Moses to see His back and did such mighty exlpoits through Him. Glory! 

This week, desire more of God. Try not to ask for things; all those will come. Just seek to know His ways. Ask God to reveal Himself to you in new ways. Go deeper with God and live the life He has called you to live.  


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