That thing you fear the most is not that scary

What a week it has been for me. In fact what a month. I had to take some bold steps this week, and some of them I was scared to take. Do you know fear is a really dangerous thing? It can stop you from achieving your best and who wants to live a life that is below the best that they can give?

My bold steps of faith me realise one thing; the thing you fear the most isn’t as scary as you think it is. Fear has a way of clouding your judgement. It makes everything look gloomy. It presents you with the worst possible scenario. Let me explain what I mean. Recently I started managing brand communications for my church and while the role brought me great joy, I was really apprehensive. I didn’t know how to tell my parents. The thing is the dreams my parents have for me are not the dreams I have for myself. Whereas they see me working full time in one multinational company, I see myself being in full time ministry and running my business at the side. That’s my dream and my new role fits perfectly into that dream.

So I analysed and overanalysed the scenario in my head. How was I going to break it to them? I knew they would be disappointed, especially my mother but fulfilment of my purpose in life is more important to me. I was actually scared to tell them because of how they might react. After weeks of internal battle, I decided to share my fear with my Senior Pastor and he told me exactly what to do. I took the bull by the horn and surprisingly, my mother did not flip out. She was actually calm. Let me confess, her calmness made me even more scared. I remember throughout the evening when I broke the news, I was just waiting for her to come and unleash her anger on me. It didn’t happen. The conversation was straight-forward. What was I so scared of in the first place?

Another bold step I had to take this month was to start attending mid-week services in my church. It might not sound like a big deal to you but if you live in Lagos and you don’t drive, getting around at night can be really tricky, especially if you live in a secluded estate like mine. I decided to leave all my excuses behind and attend my first mid-week service last week. Aside from being blessed by the message that was preached, I was able to find someone who dropped me very close to my house. Also, my mother did not flip out that I got home by 9.30pm. That was another thing that made me quite nervous. I cannot count the number of fights we have had in the past just because I came home late. All my fears turned out to be nothing.

Is there anything that has been holding you back all this while, you need to take that bold step and face your fear. Don’t let fear limit you anymore. We have a God who assures us that nothing will be impossible for us if we just put our trust in Him. I think of Peter sometimes and what must have been going through his mind when he walked on water. When Jesus first called out to him, he must have taken the first bold step because he knew the power the person who called him possessed. Then along the line his brain must have said,, “What are you doing? You are walking on water? That is impossible.” It is at that point that fear began to creep in and he started to sink.

Where you are right now is definitely not your final destination. Don’t let fear sink your boat before you actually start your journey. God is able to see you through. Just believe that He will make everything work together for your good. Remember, that thing you are afraid of is not as scary as you think!


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  1. Thank you Adedoyin.I tell myself every now and then that Boldness is an essential ingredient for success and it starts with little things.When you can easily confront friends and say the truth that needs to be heard even if you have to lose their hands in conclusion is Let God be true and every man including the fleshy Oluwatosin be a liar

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