Everything is not about you

Last Sunday was quite different from me. I had so many eye-opening moments; from the word that was preached to my conversations with other members of the church after the service. There was a particular conversation that I had with someone that really caused to me to reflect.

The person in question is someone who people just love to be around. If you are new to the church, you will think he is a Pastor with the way people line up to talk to him. I just had to ask him how he was able to handle it. I cannot imagine myself talking with that many people with so much enthusiasm. By the third person, I would have been drained. I remember last week when our Senior Pastor came to the office. He had back to back meetings with people, just talking to them and helping them solve their problems. When the third person left and the fourth person was on his way up, I just had to ask, “Sir, won’t you rest?” He just laughed and said it comes with the ministry. I could not understand it. Apparently, he really enjoys talking to people.

Back to my eye-opening conversation. The person said he does not feel drained because his prayer is always to influence at least one life positively. In whatever way he can be of help to someone, he is ready to be there for that person. That may mean lending a shoulder to cry on, providing a listening ear or meeting some material need. He said, “When you have a heart that truly loves and cares for people, you will never feel tired. It will flow out from you naturally.” Of course I had to ask, “Does it mean that I don’t really care about people?” He said no but he added that I was letting myself get in the way of making a difference in people’s lives. Instead of reaching out, I was caught up thinking about what I found comfortable. Reaching out to people sometimes is not comfortable. You just do it because you have genuine love towards them. He said I should put others first before myself and I will soon find it easy to talk to people freely.

I thought about all he said when I got back home. I am very comfortable writing and sharing my story via this blog for example but when it comes to one-on-one relationships I am not so good at handling that. Ask my friends, I am so bad at keeping in touch. I think of people and how they are doing but sometimes it’s like to say hello is such a huge mountain. I don’t know why. But do you know what he made me realise, everything is not about me! The call of God upon my life is not for me. It is for my generation. It is for the world.

Lets take a leaf out of Jesus’ life. He did some really uncomfortable things, seeing as He was the Son of God. He dined with ‘sinners’, He washed the feet of His disciples, He suffered unimaginable humiliation and pain on His way to the cross all because He had a heart of love. He wanted you and me to be saved from destruction. Love makes you think beyond yourself. That ‘disgusting’ person that you see every day on your way to work needs you to show him some love. Have you ever considered doing so? Can you even give him a hug as smelly as he is? Can you care about people who have nothing to give you in return?

I want you to think about it. If you want to make impact then you really need to die to self. One thing the person I was talking to made me realise is that as you help people and reach out to them, you are also helping yourself. You become a better person when you help someone other than yourself. It’s not easy I admit but it is for the greater good and it is possible. I am going to start living beyond myself. Will you join me?


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