Every day is a miracle!


I watched the movie ‘Miracles from Heaven’ yesterday and oh Lord…the tears were uncontrollable. Now I’m not usually overly emotional when I watch movies but this movie got to me. I couldn’t even help it. I felt the pain of the mother who was faced with the possibility of losing her daughter and the angst in the heart of a child who wanted all the pain she was going through to stop. 

The movie will make you ask questions. It reminds you of life. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do people get inflicted with terrible illnesses and after much prayer, they still die? Why, after praying, fasting and doing all that you need to do, did you still not get the miracle you badly wanted…or should I say needed? If God really loves me, why is He allowing these terrible things to me? Is God listening? Can He hear me; is He oblivious to my pain?

I could relate with the movie on so many levels just as I can relate with the questions above. I know what it is to get to a place in life where you don’t think you have the strength to face tomorrow; the point where your faith in God begins to waiver. I’ve been through a season where I was in so much pain that I wasn’t sure I was going to wake up the next morning because I felt I had just hit rock bottom and there was possibly no way out of there. There was a time I felt God had deserted me or that my sin was so terrible that He completely rejected me. You know there are people who believe bad things happen to you because you’ve committed a great sin. 

What about the time I faced being homeless? I wondered what I had done to offend God. Why couldn’t He just provide a house for me…or my school fees. I didn’t get it. And when I had to go through that a second time…I was speechless. “When will this struggle end,” I always asked God. As I watched that movie, I wondered why the other girl in the hospital had to die of cancer. God could have healed her easily. And then the same girl that was inflicted with a terrible disease now had to fall into a six-foot tall tree. It was too much. 

There are so many questions really and I wish I had the answers to all of them but I don’t. This is what I can tell you: In my moments of pain and despair, I have learnt that God is always with me and no matter what happens, God is in control. Yes. He is always in control. Things may be messy in your life right now. It may not make sense. You may even be at the point where you are doubting whether God truly exists. You’re only human. I was at that point too. I get it. I’ll just ask you to do something for me – don’t give up on God. Life with God is way better than life without Him. 

Even in your pain, if you will look, you will see the hand of God in your life. For everyone of us, every day is a miracle. I believe this so strongly. Yes, a miracle is when God heals someone of cancer or some incurable disease but a miracle is also when you get a ray of hope in the midst of darkness. A miracle is when you hit rock bottom and you do not break. When I thought I couldn’t make it to the next day, opening my eyes to see the rays of the sun was a miracle for me. Being able to stand up and face the world when all I want to do is stay under my duvet and drown in tears is a miracle. 


Just look. Your life is a miracle. There is something profound that Anna said in the movie. She had this necklace with the cross on it that she held closely. When she was asked why the necklace was so important to her, she said “It reminds me that God is with me.” And that really is the truth of life. God is always with you. When you go through fire, He is there with you. When you go through deep waters, He is also there. 

Even though I wish certain things in my life didn’t happen, I now understand why some of them happened and I am grateful that God saw me through every trial. It may not make sense to you but I pray in the midst of your trials that you will find hope, courage and strength. I pray that you will have the faith to declare like Job did, “Though He slay  me, yet will I trust Him.”

God will see you through. He will give you strength when you come to the end of yourself. You can make it to the next day. You can take one more step. Just hold on to the light of His word and trust that God knows what He is doing.  

If you need someone to join you in prayer concerning a particular issue or you just need to pour out your heart, you know how to get in touch with me. God bless you now and always. 



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