You just have to listen to this testimony!


I ‘discovered’ Travis Greene a few months ago and after listening to one song, ‘Made a Way’, I was hooked. This young man is simply anointed. I love his heart for Christ. I love the joy in his eyes when he is ministering – that joy that cannot really be explained with words. 

One day, I saw an instagram post about a video of his testimony on Youtube. For some reason, I didn’t watch the video the day I saw that post but I made a mental note to watch it. A few days later I watched it and I was moved to tears. His testimony is so powerful. It reminds me that no matter how hopeless your life or a situation looks right now, God can transform it. He can bring something good out of it. He can cause dry bones to live again.

Have you been running from pillar to post seeking for help where help cannot be found? Have you given up on that situation? I urge you to embrace Christ today. It may be dark all around you, but with God, the light will shine brightly. He will make a way. It doesn’t matter what kind of mistakes you have made, when you say yes to Christ all your sins will be washed away. You will become a new person; renewed and transformed. 

When you fall, God will be right there to catch you. If you fall into the pit, He is more than able to bring you out. He can heal your sickness. He can supernaturally provide for you. Trust Him. Have faith in Him. Never feel like all hope is lost. It’t not over until God says it is over. 

I pray this testimony blesses you. I pray it leads you closer to God. I pray that you will open your heart today and say yes to Jesus. If you are already saved, I pray this testimony will stregthen your faith in Christ so that you know that there’s no mountain that you cannot overcome with Him on your side. I also pray that you will receive the courage to share the light of the Gospel with those who don’t know Him. They need to taste how sweet life with Christ is! 

If you need a word of prayer today, do let me know. I’m more than happy to pray with you. With God all things are possible. May you enjoy God’s best this week. May you have deeper revelations of God and know Him more than you know Him right now. 

It will indeed be a blessed week. Hallelujah…praise God! 


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