My Liebster blog award nomination

My good friend Lizzy Chile nominated me for this and she has some very interesting questions for me. Thanks for the nomination Lizzy. PS: do check out her blog – I like the way she writes and we have quite a few things in common too.

Anyway here are her questions and my answer to each of them. Enjoy!

What does blogging mean to you?

The meaning of blogging changed for me the minute I started my blog. Previously, blogging was all about going on LindaIkeji’s blog or BellaNaija to read the latest entertainment news. Now, blogging is about expressing myself. It’s about using my story to bless others. It’s my medium for change and impact.

What’s your biggest fantasy?

Hian…Lizzy which one is biggest fantasy? It’s hard to answer this question. My imagination runs wild a lot and I have a lot of dreams. I am going to interpret fantasy to mean dreams to be on the safe side 🙂 I will say my biggest dream for now is to build and run an international organisation.

What you wish you did in your teenage years?

Many many things. I wish I made more friends. I wish I was more adventurous. This adult like is too serious abeg. I also wish I explored various skills like photography…and I really wish I had done more with my love for music. Sigh. It’s never too late right?

What you wish you never did in your teenage years?

I wish I didn’t chase away the few close friends I had. I also wish I didn’t give up on my first serious relationship when I did despite all the challenges we both faced. I know some heads are going to roll with this answer. Please no private calls or emails. Thank you 🙂

If you were an animal. what animal would you be?

A bird. A beautiful one.

What is your best childhood memories?

Playing with the neighbour’s kids, going to Whispering Palms almost every holiday, anticipating my dad’s arrival when he finally returns from a trip abroad. It meant new clothes and toys. My dad usually went overboard with buying new things for me. I didn’t mind. Those were really fun times.

What will you do when you become Rich and Famous?

After paying my tithe and offering to God and investing my money? I will splurge and pamper myself. Then I will bless people with my wealth.

What is your best read book?

Tough, tough question. The answer keeps changing. The contenders are ‘7 Habit’s of Highly Effective People’, ‘A Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord’ and maybe ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’.

What is your definition of an Enemy?

Anyone who wants to contend with God’s will for my life.

What would be your message to your unborn generation in your old age?

Life is fleeting. Spend every moment wisely. Look beyond yourself and invest in others. Serve God and walk with Him all the days of your life. Life without Him is meaningless.

When forced at gunpoint to drink either another person’s Blood or Urine, which will you choose? *hehehehehehehe*

Lool…Lizzy are you serious? Please I cant find myself in such a situation  :p

The End


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