Get ready for something new


I’m so excited about the things I have in store for you through my blog this year. One of the reasons why I created this blog was to make impact. It’s a platform for me to use my voice to help out in the little way I can. I started off this blog with telling you about myself and my journey so far. I made new friends through this blog and various opportunities have opened up for me through the articles I post up here. It’s been a great journey so far.

Now it’s time to take it a step further. This is what you should expect from my blog:

  • New columns – There will be new columns for specific topics. For example there will be a writer’s series column where I will share tips on how to become a successful writer. I’m still finding my own writing voice but I will share the little that I’ve learnt since I took that decision to be a writer three years ago.
  • Reviews and interviews – I’m going to be writing more book reviews, giving you insights into the books you should be spending money on this year. I will also be doing a spotlight on new authors and writers. I have had people contact me to have their work/ book featured on my blog. To be honest I was really surprised when I received the first request but it is all to the glory of God. My author for this month is an amazing writer. Can’t wait for you to meet her. Watch out for the interview.
  • Fiction Tuesdays – You remember how I had talked about getting serious with my personal writing, I’ve started taking steps towards that. I will post my latest work on Tuesdays. I have also started writing my first book. I’m not going to post that up but I will let you in on how the whole process is going. Again, if you have stories you want me to feature, please don’t hesitate to send them to me. You can used this platform to find your voice too.
  • Inspiration – My blog will be incomplete if I don’t talk to you about God. So expect more articles about walking with God and how you can develop a more intimate relationship with Him. Testimonies have already started coming in for me. I’m actually speechless. I pray these posts will truly bless you.

So that’s it for now. Are you ready for MissAdedoyin’s Blog 2.0? *big smile*


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