It’s not about the problem but your reaction to it

It took me a while to decide what to write about today. Some ideas came but nothing stuck. Then something happened. I had an interaction with someone and I just wanted to give the person a piece of my mind. You know when you just want to put someone in their place and tell them their life history? Yes…that was what was happening to me.

However, like I always say, thank God for God. I had to remember that I am a child of God. I also had to remember that two wrongs will never make a right. That is when it really dawned on me; it’s not about how big a problem is but your reaction to it. A problem is as big or as huge as you make it out to be. We tend to make a big deal about little issues and this affects how soon the problem gets solved.

I recently had to deal with a barrage of negative attitude towards me. My first reaction was to give attitude back and show that nobody can walk all over me. I mean, my mother raised no coward! But then the Holy Spirit, such a peace loving and gracious person, kept nudging me to respond with a positive attitude. Ah it was really hard to do! I do not take it lightly when people try to belittle me or what I do but I just had to swallow it all and keep quiet. Yes, I kept quiet. Not only did I keep quiet, I responded as if I had no clue what the person was doing.

At first I wasn’t too pleased with God for making me do that but after a while I realised He saved me from a lot of difficulty at the end of the road. You know where the Bible says God will fight for you and you will hold your peace? He means it! If someone is cheating you or trying to take advantage of you and God says you should keep quiet, please keep quiet. He knows what He is doing. Also when huge problems arise and He says be still, please be still. He has everything under control.

I’m getting to understand that instead of focusing on the problem before me, I should focus instead on where God is taking me to. A lot of people look down on me right now because I work for my church and well, my business is still in the early stages. Sometimes some people say some things to me and I want to say “Do you know that I have a law degree and I am a qualified solicitor under the England and Wales jurisdiction?” The ego in me wants to burst forth when people act like I’m doing what I am doing now because I don’t have other options. But then I remember where God is taking me. I remember where He brought me from. I see that big media empire clearly and I take in all the insults and snide remarks. I choose to move on towards the attainment of that vision. I choose not to lash out at the offender but smile and say to person within me, “You just wait until God is through with me!”

God is taking you to somewhere great. Never forget that. Every bus stop, every problem, every challenge…all the things you go through on a daily basis are preparing you for your expected end. There are things you need to learn to get to that expected end. There are mountains you need to learn how to climb. David had to learn how to kill a lion and a bear to prepare him to kill Goliath. Imagine if he had never killed the lion and the bear before. I’m sure the guy would have peed in his pants when Goliath confronted him. Since he had killed a bear before, he knew killing Goliath wouldn’t be a big deal.

So whatever form that problem is manifesting itself, it might be a parent, a difficult colleague, someone with a caustic tongue or just everyday obstacles of life, watch how you react to it. Stay positive. If there is someone that is being unnecessarily difficult, don’t try to fight back. Take their matter to God. It’s either that person shifts or the person is taken out of the picture completely. God doesn’t waste time. You will just suddenly hear that they were transferred to somewhere else suddenly so that you can move forward. Remember, there is greatness at the end of the journey for you and you will not miss it in Jesus’ name.


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