About the time I had to question God


Something interesting happened to me on Monday. My mum bought two CWAY water bottles last Friday and she left them close to the front door. Usually she would have told me to carry them to the store but she didn’t say anything. 

I noticed the bottles on Saturday when I was cleaning and I made a mental note to return them when I was done. Unfortunately, I was rushing out because I was late for a video shoot. When I got back home, it was late and the bottles were the last thing on my mind. 

Sunday came and left…the bottles were still there. I saw them again when I was going out on Monday and I told myself to carry them to the store as soon as I returned. Hunger drove me home so I forgot about the bottles once again. 

Now, if my mum had come home to see those bottles where they had been since Friday, I knew that I would have heard the story of my life that day. So when I planned to return them when I finished eating. But I forgot and I slept off. 

I woke up after my short nap and I started to do some work. Then NEPA took light. I was irritated because I needed to use the internet and also because I had to leave my room to turn off the internet. As I went to turn off the modem, I realised I had left the door to our corridor open and the generator fumes from the next house had filled our living room.

As I went to close the door, I saw the two bottles. I didn’t need anyone to minister to me. I grabbed the bottles immediately and took them to the store. Less than five minutes later, my mum walked into the house. What a close one!

I remember thanking God for allowing NEPA to take the light because if there was light, I wouldn’t have come out of the room and my mum would have found the bottles in the same position when she walked in. 

“God really loves me,” I thought to myself. 

Then I remembered a time two months ago when I had to question God for not preventing the events that led to the screen of my phone getting cracked. I was sleeping on the sofa in our living room, hoping that light would be restored. When it was 1 am, I decided to go to my room. However, as I was on my bed, I remembered I had left some plates on the dining table. To avoid stories that touch, I had to get up to return them.

I used the flashlight on my phone. Usually, I use my iPod for such things but I couldn’t find it. Everything was great until I was about to return to my room and my phone fell as  I was about to close the door to the kitchen. I can’t even explain how it happened. 


Next thing I realized was that the screen of a new phone I had just purchased had broken. I was in no mood to cough out more money to replace the screen. 

“Why Lord? Why did you allow the phone to fall? Why didn’t you remind me to take my plate back to the kitchen before I went to my room?”

I went on and on because I was just sad. God could have prevent the screen from cracking, knowing how much I had spent that week replacing damaged gadgets. 

As I remembered that incident, I thought of how our love for God rises when He does something we like or want and how we tend to forget His acts of mercy when things do not go the way we want them to go. 

I don’t know why the screen of my phone had to get damaged and I don’t know why God saved me from receiving a long talk from my mum when I really did deserve it. The fact however remains that He is a good God, both during our high points and our low points. 

When things are going horrible for you, are you able to say, “Indeed my Redeemer liveth?” Or do you feel as if God has abandoned you? Do you think God is a wicked God just because you lost your job which He could have prevented with no stress?

I want you to know that in ALL things, God is good. Yes, in everything; the good, the pleasant, the bad, the horrible…God is good. 

Don’t let your praise depend on how you feel. Don’t say because something bad happened to you, you won’t praise God any more. God is always up to something big and great when things like that happen. He doesn’t hate or dislike you. 

Thank Him during the bad situations as you look forward to the hope of better days to come because they will come. 

God is faithful. He loves you and He wants the best for you. At the end of the day, that is all that matters – God’s approval. 



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