It’s a new month; what’s your confession?


It’s a new month! The eight of month of 2016…the beautiful month of August. How do you feel about the new month? Think the year is going too fast or is it too slow for you? 

I have a lot of things I would like to share today but since it’s the first day of the month, I’ll like to leave some words of encouragement for someone who needs it. 

“We’re in a recession.”

“Things are hard.”

“There is no money anywhere.”

Those are some of the things people have said repeatedly in the last few weeks. You might have said it and you may even believe it but guess what, that does not have to be your reality. 

I want to urge you to watch your confessions this month. There is no recession anywhere in my life. I am not feeling it because I am living in Goshen. 

Hasn’t it dawned on you that despite the fact that the exchange rate has skyrocketed, people are still travelling every day? Please what are they using to travel, water or blood? Some people are still living comfortably with little or no struggle. 

While I understand that people are losing their jobs and it looks like the capacity to earn is reducing, do not make the mistake of confessing the wrong things about yourself and your situation. 

This is what I have discovered about negative confessions – it limits your ability to think. There is always a finality to it. When you keep telling yourself that there is no money anywhere, it is like you have concluded the matter. You hinder your brain from thinking about how you can make money.

And that ‘how’ is important. 

I had a discussion with someone yesterday who loves to make clothes. She works in a bank and she does not have the time to focus on her passion. I had to spend some time to let her know she needs to do something with that dressmaking talent that she has because that is definitely something that has the potential of sustaining her financially in the long term. I can’t imagine her being in a situation where she’ll be complaining that there is no money but she already has the ‘how’ in her hands. 

Negative confessions prevent you from seeing your ‘how’. It also prevents you from being connected to your helpers of destiny. Remember that you attract what you confess. If you are confessing negative things, that’s what you will get. 

So instead of shouting up and down that there is a recession, declare that you live in Goshen. If you don’t know the story of Goshen then you need to read the book of Genesis. While there was famine in Egypt, the children of Israel were living in Goshen and they had abundance. They did not know that there was famine in the land. 

I don’t know about you but Goshen looks like a great place to be. In the midst of scarcity, there is always opportunity. Getting that opportunity often requires divine connection and intervention. That is what you need to be asking for. 

Pray for God’s favour to be abundant in your life. Ask Him to open your eyes to spot opportunities to make wealth. Ask Him to show you ways to invest the little that you have and turn it into much. And then, ask Him to connect you with your helpers of destiny. From wherever they are in this world, let them begin to seek you to bless and favour you. 

I’m not joking with my confessions this month. I see and I speak forth abundance on every side. What I see and say is not based on my present circumstances but on what God has shown me and what He has written in His word. I choose to hold on to that by faith. I think you should do the same thing too. 

You will live in abundance this month and as you walk with God, I know that all your needs will be met and you will have extra to give to others. Have a fabulous month!


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