I’ll choose joy over and over again


So this has been a very challenging week for me. In fact, the last few weeks have been challenging. It looked as if the devil had signed a contract to frustrate me by all means. After returning from a program in Ibadan, I fell really ill; constant migraines, fatigue and dizzyness were just a few of what I had to deal with. 

I tried to rest (really I did) but I majorly prayed for myself. I laid my hands on my body and rebuked the sickness because really it has no place in my body. So I was recovering and then some financial difficulties arose. Unexpected expenses here and there and before I knew it, the money I had in my account was barely sufficient and it was just the beginning of the month! As usual, God came through and I had enough to see me through the month.

Then issues started threatening my work. First of all, my phone froze unexpectedly and it crashed. For two or three days, I had no phone which is not very good for the business I do but thankfully, the phone was replaced. Just when I was rejoicing over this, the power pack of my laptop blew. I remember that night vividly; I just started to laugh. My mum thought something was wrong with me. “Devil, you cannot frustrate me. Tell the people who sent you that you didn’t find me.” Those were the words I spoke aloud. Call it spooky but these back to back events were definitely not coincidences and I know the authority I have in Christ. So instead of panicking and lamenting ‘why me’, I praised God. 

The power pack was replaced (another unexpected expenditure) then my tablet crashed! I can hear you say, “Na only you waka come?” For those who don’t understand that it means are you the only one? At this point, I was beginning to feel heavy. I mean why were all these things happening to me back to back but again, I refused to lose my joy. I just kept making positive declarations and praising God when feelings of weariness attempted to come over me. 

Just as I thought I was getting a break from all the drama, the charger of my new phone blew. I’m laughing as I write this because it feels surreal but trust me, all this happened under three weeks. I refused to lose my joy. I laughed at the devil. He would have to try harder to get me down because this joy that I have is not of the world. As I was planning how I would replace the charger, I was hit with terrible diarrhoea. Jesus is Lord. How I remained sane during all of this is just God. For three days I just rolled in bed, in pain but I never lost my praise. See when you take your eyes off God for any reason, the cares of this world will sink you. I kept my eyes on Jesus. It reminds me of the Scripture in Numbers where the children of Israel were bitten by snakes because of their disobedience and God asked them to focus on the serpent on the pole and they will live. That was a symbol of what Christ would eventually do for us on the cross of Calvary. So I fixed my eyes on Jesus. I knew these issues were temporary. I didn’t allow them to affect my confessions. You must be careful of what you say when you go through trials. Speak positively always. That’s what I did throughout the last four weeks. 

Let me add the icing on the cake, just as God healed me and the purging stopped, something happened to the screen of my phone. I’ll describe it as a freak accident because the way it happened was not normal. That night I said to myself, “Enough is enough.” I prayed some strong prayers that night but right in the middle I felt God leading me to worship. So I did that and I went to bed. When I went to fix the phone, the price mentioned made me dizzy. I’m planning an event which will hold next month and I need all the money I can get. Let’s not even mention the rising cost of living. All this notwithstanding, I refused to lose my joy. 

I left the phone shop and I had this extraordinary joy in my heart. I was wondering why I was so happy. People called to borrow money from me and though I could have benefited from having more money myself, I gave it joyfully. I looked at the balance in my account and my heart did not cease. I didn’t fall into depression. 


No. I am overwhelmed with joy. As I was thinking of the events of the past weeks, the words “It is getting better” started ringing in my ears. It is indeed getting better for me. I am excited because despite everything that happened I enjoyed awesome miracles. Some of my Sparkle Writers Hub trainees had huge successes – new blogs, new writing projects. We also launched publicity for our Writers Hangout event in July and just under two days, half of the slots available had already been filled. Let’s not even mention the fantastic people that volunteered to do certain things regarding the hangout. 

Joy is a choice. It is not dependent on what you have or what you do not have. True joy is from God. It comes from knowing that God has your back. It comes from trusting the Father who has the greatest love for you. No matter what happens to me, the lines will always fall unto me in pleasant places, my path will shine brighter and brighter, I will not lack any good thing, no evil shall befall upon me and all that I do is blessed. So it doesn’t matter if I feel down, it’s only temporary because the Lord is my strength. I cannot stay down forever because I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. That’s the kind of mindset you should have when trials come because you have already overcome. 

Don’t lose your joy over anything. Lift your hands right now and say, “Hallelujah…thank you Jesus!” 



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