Trust your journey…

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

I know. I abandoned this blog. You know I’m sorry right? The last few weeks have been quite intense on many levels. I’ve been stretched. I’ve been pushed. I’ve also been challenged. It’s been a bitter-sweet experience but in all things, I give God thanks. I’m really grateful to everyone who spoke to me about my blog. Many encouraged me not to abandon it; to keep it going because of the blessing it has been. Thank you for caring.

There have been many things that have crossed my mind to write on this blog. Some of them came as a spur of the moment. Some have been lingering. One of them is about trusting your journey. I remember when I first heard that phrase. “Trust your journey.” I can’t remember where exactly I heard it or who I heard it from, but I remember how I felt when I heard it. “Just another cliché motivational quote to ginger people.” I didn’t think much about it until I had a conversation with a good friend.

My friend is like every other person who desires to have a smooth journey in life but things haven’t really turned out that way for her. “The story of my life has been one surmounting challenges; from one challenge to the next. It never seems to end.” She told me how things were for her when she was growing up. She told me how it was difficult for her to get into university and how it was even more difficult to graduate. Going for NYSC, something that really should be simple, was also a challenge. Getting a job, finding a life partner, settling into married life…the list goes on and on. As she was speaking that day, I had no fancy words of comfort to give her. I needed her to trust what God was doing in her life so I was quite blunt with my advice.

That’s when I remembered the quote, “Trust your journey.” Some things in life don’t make sense. Did I say some things? I mean a lot of things. Why is it that some people move from one challenge to the other like it’s their birth-right while others sail through life without any obvious care in the world? Why do some people struggle through one phase in life to the next while some others glide into it? Some people will pray and fast to have children but for some, “it just comes”. No stress at all.


I can continue the list of never-ending comparisons but at the end of the day, whatever the cards life has dealt you, you must trust your journey. You must know that you are going somewhere. I have been praying and confessing for a car for a year now. I’ve been believing God for a crazy breakthrough. Last month a friend of mine told me how she wants to take the leap into the entrepreneurial world but she was worried about lowering her standard of living. “Babe I’m used to this lifestyle. Can you imagine me without a car or not being able to go for my monthly spa treatments?” “This one is not serious,” I thought to myself. I went on to give her advice on what she will need to do to survive the first few months and how she can start saving up for a car once her official car is taken from her. She said thank you and life continued.

The next call I received from her, she told me she had acquired a brand new car and other things. I was happy for her. Really. But I was vexed in my spirit. I don’t know who I was vexed at; maybe I was vexed at the fact that things were not happening as fast as I wanted them to, maybe I was vexed that I have been praying and believing for a car for a while meanwhile someone just got one without any stress. I don’t know.

This is what I know – I have to trust my journey. I have to trust what God is doing in my life and what He wants to use me for. I went through a very painful experience earlier in the year…one that almost broke me but I held on. Not too long after, a friend had a similar experience and I was able to be a source of support for her. With ease. She recovered in a few days. It took me weeks to recover but I was so glad to be able to provide my shoulder to lean on. It didn’t make sense when I went through that experience but when I saw the joy on her face when she was back on her feet, I felt gratitude in my heart.


I trust my journey. It hasn’t been a smooth one. Sometimes I wish things could be easier but I know I’m being groomed for something great. I see the picture of where I am going and I am excited about it. There are lessons to be learnt, capacity to be enlarged and depths to be reached. There are also some areas where I need to be pruned. It’s all a process and I trust that God knows what He is doing because His word says His thoughts towards me are thoughts of success.

Trust God. Keep confessing what you want to see. Don’t change your confessions because of the challenges that you are facing. Believe that there is a bright future ahead of you. Let that thought excite you every day. It doesn’t matter if things are happening so fast for your neighbour while it looks like nothing is happening in your life. Your time is coming. He’s doing something. You may not see it but know that He is at work. Your faith is crucial in this process. So I urge you, trust your journey.



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