There is a solution to every problem


I don’t particularly enjoy it when my plans get disrupted. I’m sure you can guess I’m not a very spontaneous person. It annoys me when I plan my day and someone calls me abruptly in the middle of the day and tells me that I have to do something I had not planned initially or go somewhere I have no interest in going to. I’m a bit better now but the fact still remains that I do not like uncertainty.

When April approached I was a bit sad. There were things I had hoped would have happened by now. In fact for some of those things, the ball had already been set in motion and it was rolling. I decided to rebrand my company LRouge Media and change the name primarily because the name has already been registered by someone but also because people were calling it funny things; “L-Rounge, La Rooge, LRogue.” I was tired of hearing the name being murdered so I decided to find a simple and straight-forward name.

I started this process of rebranding in November. I must have sent in close to six names which were rejected by CAC. Honestly, the whole process was draining. When I finally got a name which was approved, it was one issue to the next. For some reason, the application kept getting queried. You won’t believe I’m still on it at the moment. Also as part of the re-branding, I decided to have some designs done (logos, business cards, images for social media and all that) and build the website for the brand. I needed to start advertising to take the business to the next level and these visual elements and the website are crucial to achieving that.

Again, the process started in January but unfortunately it is being held up. At first I didn’t have enough funds for it. Provision came miraculously and then several other issues arose that halted the process. I almost feel discouraged and nearly drained because I see the bills piling up; unplanned expenses here and there and the thought of starting this whole process again is not appealing. I’ve actually considered creating the website and the designs myself. It’s that serious. I have people who want to help me advertise but I have no flyers or creative to send them. My Content Manager asks me occasionally what’s happening with the re-branding because most of our plans for the year are hinged on it. I have nothing tangible to tell her. The worst is not having what to say to the person who sowed a seed into the business. What will I tell her happened to the money? Sigh.

On Sunday morning, I took my time to have a heart to heart conversation with God, “Lord I don’t know any more. I don’t know what to do. You have all the answers so show me the way out of this. This is what you have asked me to do so I need wisdom to do this.” I had really come to the end of myself. All through Monday I kept meditating on Scriptures about wisdom. There is a solution to every problem if you can just open your eyes and look. Hagar in the Bible had a problem but she was blind to the solution that was right in front of her. She and her child were going to die of thirst. She had already given up and then the angel came and pointed out the well to her. The solution had been there all along. She was looking but she wasn’t seeing.

So I have been praying for God to open my eyes. I’ve been praying for light so that I can see the solution to this problem. Isn’t it interesting that when God was confronted with a problem of an earth that was dark and without form and void, He didn’t waste His time focusing on the darkness. He simply said “Let there be light.” I learnt from my pastor that what God actually said there was “Light be.” He called the light into existence with His words. That’s why the Bible emphasizes that the power of life and death lies in our tongue.


If you have found yourself in a confusing or difficult situation, ask God for light. It’s pointless to begin to lament about the problem. Channel that energy to something better – pray that God will open your eyes to see the solution. A man of God once said that God will never place your miracle beyond your reach. You just need to see and recognize it. So that is what you should pray for. I will keep praying and making positive confessions until all the issues are resolved.


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