Want to escape to somewhere exotic? Travel Bay can help you


I remember the first time I heard of Travel Bay. My friend, Kayode Nubi, had put up a post on Instagram about how you can save towards your destination holiday. I was interested. I really needed a holiday (I still do) and this travel company just sounded great to me.

After my day dreams about the countries I would love to travel to, I visited the Travel Bay website and I liked it. I think you would too. What I love most about Travel Bay is their variety of travel packages and the option to save towards your holiday. So if you’re thinking of giving yourself a treat this Christmas for example, you need to head over to Travel Bay, book a holiday and you’ll be able to save towards that holiday. Sometimes putting a lump sum of N200,000 can be overwhelming but when it is broken into bits, it is easier to handle. And let’s be honest, with the forex drama in the country at the moment, some of us will need external help to be committed to saving.


Aside from being pocket-friendly, I love the variety of packages offered by Travel Bay. Presently, they have 11 packages, from local tours of South West Nigeria to Dubai and Maldives. I am eyeing the package to Seychelles at the moment. I think it is such a beautiful place to visit. For me Seychelles is nature at its best; clear blue skies, beautiful oceans, basking in the warm shade of tall trees. Sigh let me just stop there.

Back to Travel Bay – another thing I love about them is the convenience of their service. I mean, they literally take all the headache of travel off you. So a typical package includes flights, airport transfers, tours and sometimes visas. It’s like a one-stop travel shop really. Their website is really cool and easy to use too. Payment is also stress-free; you can either pay online or make a deposit at the bank. If this isn’t encouraging you to book a trip to somewhere nice for your holiday, I don’t know what else will.

Start the process to your next holiday right now by visiting travelbay.co and book one of their packages. PS – They’re currently running a referral program where you can earn up to N2,000 per person you refer. If you use their services, let me know how it goes and where you will be travelling to.


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