Have you ever prayed a crazy prayer?


I had a conversation with a friend yesterday. We were talking about the difficulties of running a business in Nigeria. Aside from the obvious limiting factors like poor power supply, unavailability of fuel and so on, you have a certain group of clients to contend with.  These are the ones who will feel comfortable to owe you for months even when you’ve delivered on your own part of the agreement. They are just special really.

Talking to my friend reminded me of a time when I realised that I needed to change my prayer points. Yes there are terrible clients. But there are also amazing clients; the ones who don’t negotiate. Do you know what? There are people out there right now who are paying people less talented than you 10 times what you are getting paid presently. It’s not an exaggeration. I realised this when I had a conversation with one of my mentors. She said to me, “Doyin someone is willing to pay a crazy amount for your skill. You just need to find a way to connect with that person.”

I have discovered the power of prayer and positive confession in making that connection. There are places you can’t go to physically. There are people you will not have access to until someone introduces you to them. Through prayer, the right dots can be connected. I got one of my biggest clients last year this way. I had been praying, confessing and believing God for a client to pay me money far beyond what I had been collecting. I prayed for months. Every day I will wake up and confess that money comes to me. I will declare that the right clients will locate me and God will connect me with destiny helpers.

One Monday morning, I received a phone call. This person wasn’t someone who was close to me at the time but she recommended me to her boss to carry out a particular task. She even coached me on what to say and what not to say just so that I would be the one assigned to the job. Call that a coincidence? I think not. God connected the dots and opened a door for me. He sent this particular person as a helper to me. Today, she is someone I look up to as a mentor.

What is that thing that you desperately want in your life? Instead of complaining about how bad Nigeria is, can you start making the right confessions? The truth is even in the midst of everything happening in this country, some people are making money…legitimately I’ll add. Why can’t you be one of them? When the Dollar rate was really high, I saw a post by Omilola Oshikoya that I really loved. She had shared with me how a client had offered to pay her in Dollars when she was thinking of asking them for a Naira fee that was much less. She wrote in that post that instead of lamenting about the exchange rate, people should pray to earn forex instead.

You must think outside the box and not limit God to a particular method of breakthrough. There was a time that I incessantly prayed for God to bless my dad and revive his business because in my limited view, that was the only way I could be ‘rich’ again. Now I know better. Even though I still pray for my dad, I ask God to open my eyes to opportunities to make wealth. I ask Him to bless the work of my hands and cause me to prosper. I’m not relying on my dad’s wealth anymore.


What prayer points do you need to change? What words do you need to speak? You decide. If you are truly tired of the status quo, you will learn to pray crazy prayers like Jabez did. You will learn to think beyond Nigeria and have a global vision instead. You will begin to see beyond your bank account and you will picture the abundance God has in store for you.

I pray God will connect you with your destiny helpers in this season. You will not miss opportunities to make wealth when they come.


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