All things bright and beautiful


There are times I wonder how people who don’t know Christ cope with tough times. What do they hold on to? What gives them hope? How do they keep on going? I’m really curious because life can knock you really hard and it takes the sheer grace of God for you to get right back up.

I spoke to my dad a few weeks ago and I could hear the hopelessness in his voice. He was talking but he sounded as if life had been sucked out of him. I felt sad. I wish there was something that I could do to help him. It seems like with each passing year, my dad goes deeper and deeper in this hole. I remember talking to a friend after I ended the conversation with my dad that day and I said to her; “I don’t know how he has not yet committed suicide. I’m not exactly sure what he is holding on to.” Thank God for friends who know Christ. She simply said “He is alive because there is something God is working out in his life.” I smiled at her but deep down I was concerned about him.

Days and weeks went by and I did not speak to my dad. I always had a nudging to call but I either ignored it or I gave excuses. Finally I called over the weekend and I knew why I didn’t want to call. I didn’t want to hear the hopelessness in his voice. I didn’t want to feel the anguish in his soul. I preferred to keep praying for him and believe that things were getting better. Talking to him made me confront a reality that I am not interested in being a part of. During our conversation my dad talked about managing difficult times by going incommunicado. That’s his way of dealing with things – hibernating. I smiled. The apple doesn’t really fall far from the tree right? I was at the verge of making that same decision a day before if not for the voice of God that kept affirming in many ways that it was not what He wanted me to do.

At that moment I wanted to tell my dad to stop going round in circles and just embrace Jesus. I wanted to tell him to come out of that darkness into the marvellous light of Christ. But I didn’t. I kinda knew where that conversation would end because we’ve had it before. “I’ve allowed you to do this Jesus thing. Keep it to yourself.” I did the best I could do, I prayed for him. But I couldn’t stop thinking; how do people who do not know Christ cope with tough times?

Being a Christian is not a walk in the park. I’ve had my fair share of challenges but God has seen me through them all. He is the only reason I’ve held on this long and I will keep holding on. There are times I just want to give up and say “Ok, I’m not doing again” but God sends His word to me in those moments to comfort me; to remind me of the journey that lies ahead and what is at stake. I have a lot of joy knowing that God is the anchor of my soul.

I still feel sad about my dad but I have committed him into the hands of God. I pray he comes into the light. I also pray that I get the boldness to talk to him about Christ persistently because it’s not enough for me to know Christ alone, my family members must know Him. My unsaved friends must know Him and everyone around me who isn’t yet saved must know Him too.

God has given us His marvellous light to share with the world. I think we’ve been lukewarm enough in our Christian walk. We must make the bold decision to light up the world for Jesus and pursue lost souls like our lives depend on it. Yes, we must share this beautiful inheritance we have in Christ.


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