Focus on what you can control


Wow! 2016 has been busy quite busy. So many times I would have something to post on this blog but I wouldn’t have the time to do so. I can hear my trainees snicker. “You can always find time to write”, I always tell them. Well, I was writing; it just wasn’t on this blog.

I do apologize to my regular readers. You know I love you right? I looked at the stats and people kept coming back day by day to read my blog. I don’t take it for granted. I promise to do better this month. Have I said “Happy New Month?” That was me saying it. 🙂

The good thing is that I have a lot to share! January was a month where I just rode upon the wings of God and I am ever grateful for the many ways He manifests Himself in my life. Seriously if you do not yet know God, I don’t know what you are waiting for. If you know Him but you have been lukewarm in your relationship with Him, this is the moment to get fired up.

God is real. He is amazing. He is beautiful. I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without Him. I do not even want to imagine it. Many times I fall short and I feel unworthy of His glory but He is always right there extending His arms in love towards me. What an awesome God He really is.

This is actually not what I had in mind to post today. I wanted to talk about bullying and the many dimensions it manifests itself. I had a discussion with two of my friends which made me realize that bullying does not actually end in primary or secondary school. It takes place even in adulthood. Somehow, I have been led towards this direction; complete opposite of what I had in mind.

That is what happens when you surrender your life to God. You have good plans for your life but He has greater plans. It’s like going to a confectionery and desiring a bar of chocolate. You do all you can to get that box of sugary yumminess (Yes, I know that is not a proper word) but you don’t get it. It is taken far away from your reach or it is given to someone else. You become overwhelmed with sadness. Why didn’t you get this bar of chocolate? Is it because you are not good enough? But you really did try! And so you wonder and wonder but you don’t realize that God is bringing a chocolate factory your way. If you knew the chocolate factory was coming, you won’t have wasted precious time crying over just one bar of chocolate.

It really does not matter what looks like is far from your reach at the moment. It also doesn’t matter what you haven’t achieved yet. What matters is that you pursue God. Just follow Him. When He says go, go. When He says stop, stop. Whatever He asks you to do, do it because it will work together for your good.

So I encourage you to keep moving as a new month begins. This is not the time to be sad about what has been lost or what has not been gained. This is the time to be filled with faith knowing that all that was lost will be restored and even much more will be given to you. Better things will come your way. In God our path shines brighter and brighter. You can never come in contact with Him and remain the same. It’s impossible.

I guess I’ll write my post about bullying tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I will find the time by all means. Have a fabulous February. Hmm…it is the month of love. Let me just leave the matter there 🙂


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