Sometimes there is a voice within saying no


This week, a professional stylist came to do a critical analysis of my wardrobe. I was dreading it because I know my fashion choices are not the best. I go for things that are ‘safe’ and toned down. Actually I mainly wear black because it’s easy to wear with anything. I don’t have to think. I don’t like taking any fashion risks. What’s my own with what is in vogue?

There is something about being in your comfort zone that is endearing. It is familiar. You can almost always predict your results because you have done it over and over again. It’s like going to a restaurant for the first time. The people who don’t like to take risks will first look for what is familiar and that is what they would choose. That’s what I do. I never order things with fancy names. Rice, beef, chicken, salad…it doesn’t matter where I go, those choices most times never end up as an epic fail.

Back to my wardrobe assessment, well as expected the stylist had a few nice things to say. I mean I saw some of my clothes and I asked myself, “Why do you actually have this?” A lot of the clothes there were simply comfortable and I stuck with them. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? But then it’s really more than that. The stylist told me that I have not learnt to express myself properly and this is why I always choose to go for black. I chewed on that for a while.

Black is predictable. I don’t have to try. I can go out in black and I won’t cause a stir. All eyes won’t be on me. I can go unnoticed and I like that. I can’t predict what the results would be if I wore a bright yellow figure hugging dress. Would people be staring at me? Would I look like a clown? Why do I really care what people think? I should be able to wear what I want.

Doesn’t it remind you about life? When you are trying to start something new and you have one million and one reasons not to do it. Sometimes that voice in your head won’t just keep quiet and if care is not taken it paralyzes you. But where are you to get the strength and confidence to swim in unfamiliar waters? How can you silence all the voices telling you that you can’t do it as you prepare to fly? Why should you even bother to step outside your comfort zone?

I realised as the stylist styled me in different looks that there were sides of me that I have chosen to ignore because of my unwillingness to take risks, because I still care so much about what people would say. I’m self-conscious, some say uptight but I hate all eyes being on me. It’s scary. But God has not called me to be behind the scene all my life. In fact that season is over for me. God is calling me to step out. He is calling me out of the boat and as I take that first step, I must believe that I would not sink.

What is God asking you to do that seems like you just can’t do it. Is He telling you to come out of your comfort zone? Is He asking you to do what you have never done before? Can you silence those voices telling you that it is impossible and gather the courage to take the first step. All you need is faith; faith that God will carry you through, faith that He will make a way even when you do not see a way. Step out from the shadows and be who God has called you to be. People will talk either way. They never stop talking so don’t let what people say stop you from doing what you know God has called you to do.

That is something that I am still learning; to drown the voices of people whose opinion doesn’t really matter. I’m learning to believe in myself. I am who God says I am. There are sides of me that are still untapped. They will remain untapped if I don’t leave my comfort zone. I’m learning to believe God that even when I hear a loud “no” within me, nothing will be impossible for me with Him on my side.


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