Set the goals but do the work too

We’re a few days into the New Year but since this is my first blog post in 2016, it’s only right that I say “Happy New Year!!”

I thank God for the grace to be able to see a new year. It’s not something you should take for granted. In fact, every day you open your eyes from sleep, you should say a prayer of thanksgiving to God. It’s such a blessing to have life.

Life is beautiful. There is so much you can get out of it but you must be willing to put in the work. Last year, I saw how effort backed by the grace of God can yield enormous results. I saw people who have been working consistently over the years ‘suddenly’ get their big break. People see the seeming overnight success. What they don’t see is the time, effort, sleepless nights and sacrifices that went into that ‘overnight’ success.

I have learnt that you can actually become anything that you want to be. You can be successful. You can have six figures in your bank account. It all starts with you. Can you see it? Can you see yourself doing great things? What I love about my mind is that it can imagine anything. I mean anything. I see myself travelling round the world on a private jet. Sometimes I tell myself, “Ok chill. Isn’t a private jet reaching too far?” But then I remember that this is MY mind and I can think of anything with it. So I see myself travelling in private jets, I see the Sparkle HQ teeming with clients and team members, I see my suave handsome husband and children, I see my church being ten times the size it is right now and having a massive impact on social media. I see anything!

So I want to ask you, “What do you see?” Forget about the fact that the money in your account is running low. What do you want your bank account to contain? What places do you want to get to? What do you want to achieve? Please as you answer this question, let your mind go and think BIG! The scary kind of big. 2016 is not the year to be scraping the bottom. It is the year to soar. It is the year for exploits but how will you be able to do exploits if you can’t see those exploits with the eye of your mind?

As you think about what you see in your mind, begin to plan how you will work towards achieving it. You may be wondering how you can do this. Well, the first thing I do is to pray. God knows my thoughts even before I say them out in prayer and He knows the best way for me to achieve my dreams. When I pray and communicate with God, He gives me clarity. He shows me what to do, where to go and He gives me ideas. That for me is the most important thing. He gives me ideas that add value which in turn brings me wealth. So pray.

After you pray and you know exactly what God wants you to do to achieve those dreams, act. Don’t sit around waiting for money to fall from heaven, do something. Register your business name. Harness the power of social media. Speak to trusted people who can advice you. Start the journey even if you have little. You don’t need all the money in the world to start something great. You just need the will to take the first step and the determination to keep going when things get tough or if you fall.

I pray that 2016 will be all that you want it to be and even much more. I pray that God will fulfil every desire of your heart and you will enjoy peace all around. Don’t stop dreaming!


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