Leave a mark; someone is watching

Monday was quite a remarkable day for me. I love birthdays because it’s the one day in the year where everything revolves around you. Well almost everything. Aside from the birthday wishes and love, what struck me this year was the similarity in the prayers people uttered and the words they spoke.

Everything I have done till date, I have done it because it is what God asked me to do. There are times I really didn’t know what I was doing. I know I look like I have everything together but that’s not completely true. There are times I have been clueless. There are times I was just confused and I even felt helpless but God always made a way for me. And that is really the secret behind my success – God.

I was really touched by the testimonies of lives touched which I received. No, I was overwhelmed. Someone said she has been watching my growth in Christ behind the scene and it has inspired her. Other people said similar things. I was amazed. And I am determined to do more.

Every time I go to bed I look forward to the next day because it is another opportunity to give what I have. I may not have millions of dollars yet, but I have a great talent. I am blessed by God and I want to share that blessing with others. My goal is to change my world by touching one life after the other.

You never know who is watching. You have no idea who you’re giving hope to by doing what you are doing. Your story is important. Every struggle you have passed through or you are currently passing through is important. Enjoy your journey and keep being a blessing. Things may be tough right now but don’t you dare give up. Every successful person that you know also went through challenging moments. I know because they don’t hesitate to share their story to inspire others. So don’t look down on yourself. Things will get better. Don’t opt for shortcuts. Take the high road always and work hard. Be better than you were yesterday. Follow God and hold on to His word. He’ll make everything beautiful for you.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following my story. Whether I know you or not, I appreciate you. I pray my life inspires you to do something bigger with yours. I pray that you will also inspire others. You are special and God has deposited something unique within you. Use it to make an impact. Use it to bless others.

Keep shining and soaring!


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