Random musings – Not everything can be copied


I don’t have anything in particular that I want to write about as I type this first sentence. I am hoping that as I type, something will jump at me. As I always advice my mentees, just start writing. Somehow the words will flow. Let’s see how effective that advice is.

Many people have asked me what motivates me and why I am investing so much of my time on my great baby, The Sparkle Writer’s Hub. I mean shouldn’t the answer be obvious by now? Well, aside from the fact that this is what God has called me to do, I am very passionate about helping others with the gifts that I have. It’s a blessing to be able to add value to others using your gifts. I have also discovered that God adds more to you as you use your gifts to bless people.

Tomorrow, I will be in Ibadan to talk about how churches can build their social media presence. It’s unbelievable and exciting at the same time. My expertise in this particular field started when I offered to live tweet during services for my church when I was in Ibadan almost two years ago now. I didn’t know so much about social media for church. I just wanted people to benefit from the powerful message we got to listen to every Sunday.


Earlier this year when I was given the task to manage my Senior Pastor’s online brand and for the church as well, I knew very little. But I was open minded. I did a lot of research. You should see the book where I write down my ideas. It is filled with all sorts of ideas; some that I have implemented and some that I am still praying to implement. I played around a lot with content since I officially took on the role in February. Sometimes I did trial and error. Some ideas were a hit. Others were an epic fail but I was learning. I was enlarging my capacity. I didn’t do all that because I was expecting that one day, someone would come and invite me to teach people how to build and effective social media presence for their church. I did it because I wanted to make a difference in my job. I wanted my Senior Pastor’s online brand to be strengthened. I wanted people to come to his social media pages and leave with something that would bless their lives; a prayer, a quote, a declaration, a blog post.

That’s exactly what I did and see where it has brought me. You want to stand before kings? Think like a king. Let excellence and growth be part of your personal values. Some people ask if I am afraid that people will copy my ideas and start using them. I laugh when I hear such questions. There was something I learnt from business school a few years ago. People may copy the products or services of an organisation but there is one thing that they won’t be able to copy – the way that organisation does its things. Such an organisation will keep innovating and keep getting better because they have something that cannot be copied. It’s the reason why Apple is still here today despite the many imitations of their products that exists in the market.

So you may try to copy the way I write or the kind of content that I create but the truth is they come as a result of an inner mind that questions things and is always teachable. I question things a lot. I am always thinking of a better way of doing things. So the probability is that what you copied yesterday, I may not replicate again tomorrow. I just might find something to tweak. Instead of copying others, seek to be truly excellent. Carve your own niche and it all starts with being able to ask the right questions and doing your research.

Never be too proud to ask “How do you do this?” Many things I know today I know because I asked someone to teach me or show me the way. If a church does something I like on social media, I find out how they did it. I find out what made them achieve that thing. I don’t just copy blindly. And when I learn something new? I add the ‘Doyin Touch’ to it. I break it down, mix it up and turn it around until I am satisfied. That’s how I have been able to grow in my field and that is the knowledge that I will pass to others tomorrow.

If you want to learn more about how to build an effective social media presence for your church then join me at Global Harvest Church Bodija tomorrow by 10am




2 Replies to “Random musings – Not everything can be copied”

  1. God’s way of working is to start from the little things. He always put an orchard inside a seed. Thanks for honouring the little things Doyin. Well done!

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