#TheExperience10 – Moments that shouldn’t end

I know this is coming late but better late than never right? Saying that The Experience 10 was remarkable is stating the obvious. I think it’s an understatement. I cannot find the words to accurately describe it. I wasn’t at Tafawa Balewa Square but the experience I had in my living room was as good as me being there.

There is such a powerful presence of the Spirit that comes down when we get together to worship God. It’s beautiful. I was at Night of Worship last month and I did not want to go home. We praised and sang until the early hours of the morning. I did the same thing last weekend as I watched The Experience 10 on GOTV. I felt the move of God strongly.

Isn’t it great how much we can achieve when we tear down the walls of ‘denomination’ and come together to worship God. Do you know how much progress we would make when we focus on Him and not on promoting our individual churches. The people at The Experience 10 were not there as RCCG members or House on the Rock members. They were simply there to worship God. It did not matter whether Pastor Paul was their Senior Pastor. What mattered was that they wanted to receive a touch from God.

People of God, it’s time for us to break these barriers. It’s time for us to be one. There are millions of souls perishing and we are not able to reach them because we are divided. Haven’t you wondered why Nigeria is the way it is when we have at least one church on every street? Have you wondered why the devil’s agenda seems to be at the forefront when we have church programs every other minute? Have you stopped to ask why many people are leaving church and choosing to disassociate themselves from it?

I am so tired of watching the body of Christ tear itself down over petty issues. We’ve lost sight of why we have been saved. We are busy competing with ourselves. What is the other church doing? How can we outdo them? How can we show how rich we are? While we worry about these flimsy issues souls are being lost. The ones we’ve won are being neglected. Instead of thinking about what we can do to be more effective we are more concerned with sowing seeds of discord and bringing down the people who appear to be threats to us.

Things need to change. We need to stop hurting ourselves. The body of Christ is bleeding and we are too stuck up in false religion to see it. I applaud Pastor Paul for following through with the vision of The Experience. I applaud his commitment to excellence and nurturing people. I applaud Rev Sam Adeyemi for his passion of building role models. These men don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

One of the ways to win people over to Christ is by investing in them. We need to extend an arm of love to others who don’t know Christ. Christ loved us and saved us through His grace so who are we to condemn our neighbour for being a sinner? Who are you to point at the speck of dust in your neighbour’s eyes while the log of wood in your eyes is humongous. We need to have a rethink.

I pray that as we go into the new year, we will begin to focus on God and actually do what He has sent us to do. I pray we will begin to reach out to lost souls and show them love. I pray that we would come off our high horses and embrace those who need our help. I pray that we will truly shine as the light God created us to be and make a resounding difference.

Thank you Pastor Paul for The Experience 10. I pray that platform will grow bigger and have a greater impact around the world.


One Reply to “#TheExperience10 – Moments that shouldn’t end”

  1. Amen. I say a big amen to our prayers.

    I pray for unity across the body of Christ that men may let their shine that men may see and their Father be glorified in heaven.
    It’s too late for me to get away from Christ and from church, the tangible evidence of the seeds sown in my life are with me everyday so no matter how offended I get, I just have to get over myself.

    Relationship with God is priority.

    I don’t believe the church will ever be perfect but I owe it to those who have sacrificed and poured into my life to make disciples, I just pray that God will always send more labourers.

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