When it’s your time, it’s your time!

Have you every prayed for something so badly and deeply but when it comes you’re like “Oh my God, what did I just pray for?” It reminds me of the saying that goes, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” You pray for something and when it comes your heart begins to beat faster because you didn’t expect God to answer the way He did. That’s where I am at this point in my life.

So some of you who have been reading this blog know some of my dreams and aspirations. You know the things I have been praying about. Well, one which I have been praying consistently about is to have more clients. I have gone from having no clients to having clients who pay very little to those who don’t even pay at all even after you’ve done the work. I have also been praying for God to open platforms for me to express the gifts that are within. When I pray these prayers, I remind Him of the word He gave me in June last year that my gift will make room for me and bring me before great men and women; the influential people of our time.

Well I am beginning to see the answer to those prayers and let me tell you, I had a moment when my heart began to pound hard because things seemed to be happening so fast. Last week, I received four phone calls; phone calls of elevation, promotion…whatever it is that you want to call it. And the people who were making these phone calls are not ‘small boys’. Movers and shakers of our time, people that I could never have been on their radar except by the grace of God. All of a sudden these great people want to work with this girl who was once lying in a state of obscurity. All of a sudden I am shaking hands and rubbing minds with some outstanding leaders of our time. Don’t worry very soon, I’ll reveal the names of all these people. Now I am still in awe. In awe at the way God answers prayers.

For months it seemed like nothing was happening. It seemed like this business that I started was just a joke. Many months, the salary I earn from my part time job was quite insufficient. No clients. No other source of income. How I made it through a lot of months this year…only God knows. Then suddenly (again) I am earning more, sources of income are springing up from places I have never been to and from people I have never spoken to in my life. It feels like the spotlight is on me. “What’s going on”, I wonder. Lord, why are all these things happening to me, all at once? It’s overwhelming. I am moved to tears.

And then I remember; I remember the word. He has already told me that my gift will make room for me. The gift that He gave to me. All He told me to do was to keep using that gift. He asked me to keep writing, to keep working excellently. He told me to continue even when no money was coming out of it. When family members ridiculed me, He gave me the strength to go on. When I wanted to jump out of the boat, He said, “Stay there”. Right in that boat, opportunity found me. Right on that lane of consistency, the people who needed my gift found me. They found me right where God has placed me.

So it became clearer to me. Grace is what makes the difference. When it’s your time to be favoured, even you will be confused. It is not about the particular skill or talent that you have, it is about being exactly where God wants you to be. His grace can take you from obscurity to prominence. I am still overwhelmed and what God is saying is that He has just started. What I am seeing is just a tip of the iceberg.

The thing is, now I am no longer afraid. I am excited because greater is coming. God has been preparing me for such a time as this. Those times in the wilderness, those times doing free work, those times I gathered all the strength to keep going…they were all preparing me for this moment. The moment where my reality is beginning to look like the visions I see in my mind. It has taken me a while to get here; I have stumbled, I have fallen but by His grace, I have not been defeated!


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