My conversation with God

I’m one of those people who used have a mechanical approach to prayer. I have to be on my knees, say some things in a particular order and so on. The ‘little’ private talks I had here and there with God didn’t really count as prayer to me. Somehow, I had managed to over analyze how prayer should be and sound like. And I also had a strict approach to acceptable places where you can pray. Like seriously, how can someone be in the toilet and they say they are praying? I just thought that was being disrespectful to God.

But do you know what? Prayer is not that complicated. It is actually so simple. I think the power of prayer lies in its simplicity. You’re simply having a conversation with God. I like the way my Pastor puts it, “Prayer unburdens the heart of its cares.” That is exactly what I did on Sunday evening. I started my worship flow as usual (that’s how I love to enter into my prayer to God) and as I was about to start my mechanical way of praying, I just said “Lord, I need help! Help me! Help me!” And I went on for more than 30 minutes to talk to God. It didn’t sound like what I considered to be a typical prayer but I felt God. I literally felt my heart being unburdened. There was a weight lifted off.

I felt like God was in the room with me. I talked and talked and talked. And then I started to pray for people. It was great. I didn’t want to stop. When I was done I knew God had heard. I knew the issue that I had been struggling with for months now has already been resolved. I woke up yesterday and I began to see the manifestation of the answer to my prayers. God heard. He heard my random rambling. He actually cares about how I feel. He cares about the fact that there is this emotional struggle going on in my heart. God cares about the little details of my life. That is so awesome!

That revelation has changed my perspective a lot. I can talk to God any day, anywhere; on my knees or on my feet…wherever I may be. God will hear me if I am praying in my room or in a corner in the toilet. God is everywhere so why do we try to box Him? I really don’t know why we do that. You can talk to God at any moment. It’s like picking up your phone to talk to your closest friend. That’s how I felt on Sunday evening.

When last did you have an intimate conversation with God? When you pray to Him, do you have some words you always recite every time you want to pray? God is your friend. He loves and cares about you deeply. He wants to be there for you if you’d let Him. Open your heart to Him. Tell Him exactly how you feel. Let Him know where you are struggling. Let Him know where you need help. There’s no need to form when you go before God. He already knows your weaknesses anyway but He wants you to talk to Him about them.

I am happy that I have a Father who I can be open with. A Father who will not judge me. A Father who loves me unconditionally through thick and thin. No I’m not happy….I am beyond excited.


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