Thursday Inspiration – There’s got to be more

It took me a while to decide the song I want to feature for today’s Thursday Inspiration column. I have had a terrific week listening to great minds talk about leadership and reading some great books too. I have also listened to some great men of God and I have been fed loads of interesting thoughts to ponder upon.

Yesterday, I listened to Bill Hybels talk about the intangibles of leadership at this year’s Global Leadership Summit. He said a lot of great things but one of the things that really got me thinking was his emphasis on finding your ‘White Hot Why’. This is essentially your motivation for doing what you do. it’s an important question and the answer can determine how far you go as a leader. I thought about my white hot why, Why am I in ministry? Why have I created The Sparkle Writer’s Hub? Why am I making the plans I am making towards 2016? Why do I wake up each morning? Is my why good enough?

As I answered these questions, I also thought about the guy that I like so much right now. I thought about how I think about him more than I should. I thought about what a waste of my precious time that was when God has sent me to reach out to billions of people in the world. Why is my mind fixated on this one person when there are billions of lives that I am meant to affect? Shouldn’t I be thinking of these people I have never met and figure out how to get to them?

Then the answer dawned on me. I simply have to fix my eyes on Jesus. I need to be focused on God’s purpose; not on my wants or on one person but on the bigger picture. Then the lyrics of the song ‘Desperate People’ by Micah Stampley came to me. I have always loved that song because of the sincerity of the song. The lyrics mirrored exactly the way I felt. I just want more of God. I want my mind to be fixed on Him. I don’t want to be distracted by things that are not important. There is a greater purpose to fulfil!

So I went back to thinking about my white hot why. Why do I do what I do? It’s simple – to build an army of people who will take over the media for Christ and of course, to change lives. That is the why for me. To sustain my vision, I need more of God. He is the driver of this whole ship. He has set the course before me. All I am doing is just following His lead. God is at the centre of my why and I hope He is at the centre of yours too.

Enjoy this beautiful song…


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