Thursday inspiration – A love that’s indescribable

Indescribable God

Hello! How is your week going? Mine has been interesting. I don’t know which other word I can use to describe it so I’ll just stick with ‘interesting’. My week has been interesting; not because something out of this world happened but because God showed me, in subtle ways, that He cares about the minute details of my life. Sometimes we’re tempted to think that God is only interested in the big things like how much we make, the job offer we accept or who we get married to. But God is interested is much more than that.

Every single detail of your life is important to God; the friends you make, your emotions, your daily routine…everything. That’s why when you talk to Him, you should not be afraid to tell Him all. He is a loving Father who deeply cares about you. When you go through pain He feels it and when you’re filled with joy, He celebrates with you. He has made a life long commitment to you so except you push Him away, God is going to be right there, guarding you and leading you along the path that you should go.

God’s love is truly amazing. That’s why today’s song by Kierra Sheard is one that touches my heart. When I listen to it, I’m just completely filled with awe of God. He loves me no matter what and He loves you too. Enjoy the song ‘Indescribable’. It is simply beautiful!


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