Whose agenda are you pursuing?

It’s 2 am as I write this post (when will I start sleeping like a normal human being) and the words on my mind are “Before God can move through us, He must first move in us”. I read this in the Live Love Lead devotional by Pastor Brian Houston and I can’t stop thinking about the truth in those words.

Many years ago when I started to sing in the choir, my choir leader back then would say “How can you minister this song if the song has not ministered to you?” I really didn’t understand what she meant by that. “Isn’t it just to take the microphone and just sing” I used to wonder. You can tell I was still a baby Christian right? Well as I grew up spiritually, I understood what she meant. As a minstrel any song you minister must minster to you first. If a song does not bless you or you cannot catch the revelation of the song, when you mount the stage, what you’ll be doing is singing, not ministering. You truly minister when the song has taken you to greater depths in the place of worship.

I believe that is the same thing that Pastor Brian Houston is talking about here. You have to feel the move of God in your life. You must experience the power of the Holy Spirit to do exploits. You have to stay connected to Him through constant fellowship and study of the word. And you must be able to catch the revelation from His word as you study. Many people seek for God to use them when they haven’t allowed Him to transform their lives. God sees that we are broken vessels and He takes us, moulds us, makes us whole again and uses us to minister to others. It’s a process which you have to submit to. You have to recognise that He is the Potter and you are the clay and you must let Him do His work of perfection in you.

So ask yourself, “Have I fully surrendered to God?” “Is God the driver of my life while I take the back seat?” “Am I following His leading?” These are questions we should ask ourselves periodically. Don’t get so consumed with pursuing the things of life that you put God in the background. He should always remain at the forefront. For God to use you to do exploits, He needs to move in you first. He needs to be Lord over your life. His words need to transform your mind and you must be submitted to His will. God cannot use you if you are after your own agenda.

Allow God to move in you. Let Him lead you. The best person to follow is God really and He is the best person to surrender to. With Him, you can be rest assured that your life will be extraordinary.


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