Enlarge your capacity, not your doubts

Enlarge your capacity, miss adedoyin's blog

Over the weekend, I listened to some great messages on leadership and they really got me thinking. A lot of times, we ask God to increase our capacity but we’re not willing to go the extra mile to have our capacity enlarged. God wants to use you to do great things but are you ready? Can your mind conceive those great things God has in store for you? Is your faith able to handle the greatness of that dream?

I remember a time in my life where it was hard for me to believe God for close to $2, 000. That was what I needed to pay to complete my law school fees and I had no clue where that money was going to come from. Believing God was tough. I tried to do the math. I tried to help Him figure out how the money would come. What I didn’t realise was that God was going to do it HIS way; a way that my mind may never comprehend. The thing is, when God gives you the word, your role is just to believe and act on the word. You have no business questioning how things will be. Just do it and let Him handle the rest.

Definitely, for some people that is not so easy to do and I am one of such people. I can analyse for the whole world. It’s part of my wiring. But I am learning to let go and let God. The more I do that the more the truth of the Scripture that says God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or think jumps at me. I realise now that God can do much more than I am believing Him for and do you know what else I realised? God will only give you per time what you are capable of handling. There is no point pouring new wine into old wine skin. That wine skin will burst because it cannot handle it.

Last year, God gave me a word concerning the things He wants me to do and after a while, I started this blog and LRouge Media. This year, as I grew and increased my capacity, God revealed more things to me. He showed me a bigger picture. I’ll confess the picture scared me but my capacity had increased so it wasn’t too difficult for me to run with the word, My faith could handle it. My thinking had expanded and I had been exposed to greater depths of God’s word.

Expand your capacity. Read good books and listen to great teaching. Don’t be afraid to explore new things. Every year, you should have grown in your mind and in your faith. It is not God’s desire for you to remain stagnant. You believed Him for $1,000,000 last year, can you believe Him for 10 this year? Can you see the bigger picture because where you are right now is not God’s final destination for you. He wants to take you to somewhere greater; somewhere bigger but He needs your cooperation to do so.


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