Thursday Inspiration – Glorious God

I heard this song for the first time last week and it was love at first listen! It’s such a powerful worship song. I have a thing for worship songs right? It’s because they are so deep. To me, they feel like singing love songs to God.

When I listen to this song, I think of God’s awesomeness. Really, who am I that He is mindful of me? Who am I that He has blessed and favoured me this much? I can tell you this, there is nothing I have to be qualified for His blessings. I got a new client recently and after the meeting I asked myself why me because I never would have dreamed that such a client would come my way. It wasn’t like I was the best person or the most qualified for the job; I was just favoured by God.

Time and time again, God shows me His love in various dimensions. He is indeed a glorious God. As you listen to this song, mediate on the great things God has done in your life. It doesn’t matter if things are not looking too good right now. Let your heart be filled with praise to Him. God loves grateful people. He loves it when we worship Him. So take a minute from worrying about that need and just worship God.


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