Musing – Where did all the real people go to?

These thoughts have been in my head for some time now. Why do we have hypocrites? Why are people comfortable with being two-faced? It’s becoming normal not to be real. You now have to question people’s motives because more often than not, they have impure intentions. Some people want to become your friend because you are popular while for others it is because of what they want to gain from you. It’s sad. Few people want to be your friend because they genuinely care about you.

I have watched as people have pulled others down just to get ahead. I have observed with disgust how people are dragged into the mud just because someone wants to shine. Want to know what’s even worse? I have seen people stab others in the back as they pretend to care about them. Why? To what end? Is that really the only way to success; to bring others down? I have asked God these questions over and over again because really I don’t get it.

Where have all the real people gone to? Where are those people who are secure taking a back seat? Where are those people who are not after the glitz and fame; people who just want to make a difference but don’t mind being in the background while they do so? Where are they? I feel sad for my generation – this get rich and famous quickly whatever the cost mentality that is pervading the minds of people. When will it all end? Isn’t it possible for us to truly be happy for one another? Why can’t I be happy for my friend when she shines and I am still blooming? Who says I have to cut off her light just so that I can shine too?

Something needs to change. We cannot keep hurting ourselves like this. I look at the sky and I am reminded of the fact that there is room for everyone. The sky is big enough. I can shine. You can shine. My light does not affect yours. What you should realise is that we all have different times and seasons. Instead of plotting so hard to pull someone down, wouldn’t it be better to just wait for your time. I think of all the time and energy expended in plotting wicked schemes to bring people down and I just wonder, can’t this energy be channelled into something more productive? I mean, I just can’t see myself spending my time planning how to bring my friend down when there are goals to achieve. I shrug. Indeed, I see the truth in that famous proverb that says an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

I would really like to urge you to wait for your time. Don’t be jealous of anyone’s success. Admire them. Find out what they did to get there and apply it to your life. Instead of resenting someone because they are prospering more than you, learn from them. The Bible says iron sharpens iron. If you hang around successful people and you relate with them with an open heart, ready to learn and grow, their success will rub off on you. You will become better. Never be the cause of someone’s downfall. That is not the right way to achieve success.


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