No limits, no boundaries

I keep wondering where time is running to. Before we know it, September will be over and we will be going into the tenth month of the year. Does the thought of that scare you or excite you? For me, it’s a little bit of both but I am more excited than scared. The reason is because my life is on track. Yes, there are things I had hoped would have happened by now but I am not too bugged out about those things. I’m moving forward, I’m not where I used to be and that really is enough for me.

What about you? How do you feel about the fact that 2015 is almost over? Are you scared or excited? Does the thought of coming to the end of the year make you depressed or you are filled with so much joy?

I had a conversation with a friend a few days back who isn’t loving 2015 at all. I cannot blame her really; the year has been rough. 2015 did not turn out as she had pictured and quite frankly, she doesn’t believe things will get better because things have moved from bad to worse as the year progressed. So many unaccomplished goals, incomplete tasks, stagnation, disappointments…you name it…it seems like she is already experiencing it.

Do you find yourself in that kind of situation too? Has 2015 been completely horrible for you and it doesn’t even look like it’s going to get better? I want to tell you not to be discouraged. I believe so strongly that no matter how dark the night is, morning will always comes. It’s just a fact of nature. It doesn’t matter how bad things are right now, they will get better. You just have to believe. I know it’s easier said than done but you have to trust me here. I was once in the same boat myself just last year. I wouldn’t say 2014 was terrible but it was filled with many unrealised goals. I felt like a failure. At a point I thought something was wrong with me because I had been praying the same prayer over and over again and nothing was moving. I felt the reason was because I had the problem. Surely it had something to do with me. If not, why won’t things change for the better after I have prayed and prayed about the issue?

Guess what….things got better. The rough places were made straight and the place where I experienced some difficulties became a place of joy. I think about it now and I wonder why I worried so much. There were times I would lock myself in my room and just cry. What a waste of my time! I’m sure God would have been looking at me saying, “My daughter should be praising me for the things that she is crying about.” I could have spent those precious times praising God instead of crying endlessly and feeling as if my life was almost over.

Can you do something for me? Instead of focusing on everything that is going wrong, can you focus on the things that are actually working in your life? For the remaining part of 2015, I want you to adopt the mindset “No limits, no boundaries.” Nothing is too big for you to achieve and nothing is too hard for God. Change your perspective and have a positive outlook. In the midst of your pain, I am very certain that you can find one or two things that will cause you to rejoice. Count your blessings. Stop moping around and behaving like the world is coming to an end. It’s time to give the remaining part of 2015 your best shot and God will amplify your efforts.


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