Thursday inspiration – Here’s my life Lord, smile

When you think about Jesus how do you feel? When you hear that beautiful name, what thoughts run through your mind? When I hear the name “Jesus”, I smile. Why? He’s too awesome. There’s no greater friend than Jesus. There’s no better Father than Him. With Him, you are always on the winning side. He is the only person in this world who has good thoughts towards you always and He is also the only person who will never fail you or break your heart.

Today’s song, Smile by Tasha Cobbs totally expresses how I feel about God. I want to put a smile on His face. I want God to look down on me from Heaven and smile. This is what I desire, that my life in its entirety will be pleasing to God. Your relationship with God is not a one-sided you see. Just as you want Him to make you smile, you should also seek to make Him happy. I have discovered that when you spend your time seeking God and pleasing Him, you will live a better life.

Stop chasing after men. Chase after God. He will never let you down. He won’t let you fall. He will never break your heart so surrender it to Him today. I have done so and I have no regrets whatsoever. Enjoy this beautiful song and I pray it ministers to you deeply.


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