Jesus is all you need

I need Jesus, Jesus is all I need, Adedoyin Jaiyesimi

A lot of things have been going through my mind for almost a week now. I know I think a lot on a normal day but the events of the last few days increased the thoughts in my mind. It’s a bit difficult to explain and to be honest, I don’t think I want to explain it. What I want to share is something that God kept reminding me of constantly as the thoughts in my mind raged on and on.

“Jesus is all you need.” That statement has given me so much peace in the last few days. It gave me an anchor during the woozy moments of the week. Do you know that statement is true; Jesus is all you need? I have found myself in some overwhelming situations in the past; some of them I never thought I could recover from. I made some mistakes that made me feel that I had totally derailed my future. I took certain wrong steps that made me believe I had completely lost my way.

During some of those moments, I looked for comfort in people. It didn’t help. In fact, it just made things worse. These people were not bad people; I was simply putting a load on them that they were not made to carry. I turned to things. I shopped and shopped hoping that my sorrows will go away as I purchased every material thing my money could buy. Well, it obviously didn’t work. The temporary happiness never lasted long.

When shopping didn’t help, I didn’t know what else to turn to. I stumbled on a preacher on TV as I was scanning through the channels. He was preaching about the woman with the issue of blood who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. The message caught my attention and I dropped the TV remote back on the table. I remember it was a Sunday morning and I had stopped going to church. There was no point. My emotional needs were not met there. I felt church was more like a social gathering. And also, I was entangled in sin. I felt like a hypocrite every time I walked into church. After weeks of battling with myself, I stopped going until I listened to this man’s message.

I cannot remember his name but he changed the course of my life that Sunday morning. He said many people were around Jesus that day and hundreds touched Him but only one received from Him; the woman with the issue of blood. She came with her faith determined not to leave the same way she came. She struggled through the crowd. I can imagine she was stepped on, shoved to the side and all but her eyes were fixed on the prize – she just had to touch the hem of His garment.

That’s when it dawned on me that I was responsible for my empty experience in church. I was going to fulfil all righteousness and not to touch or receive from God. Nothing was going to provide the joy and the comfort that I desired. All I needed was Jesus. I decided there and then to seek after Jesus, to focus squarely on Him. My life changed a great deal when I did so. I was able to let go of someone that I held so deeply in my heart. I was freed from the entanglement of sin through the grace of God. The best thing that happened to me however was that from that moment, I never let any human being have control over my emotions. I learnt to move on and not feel like if someone wasn’t in my life, my life would be over. I realised truly that Jesus was all I needed.

God reminded me of that simple but powerful lesson as I struggled with the issues over the last few days. Jesus is all I need and Jesus is all you need. It doesn’t matter how bad the storms are raging. It doesn’t matter how hot the sun is or how deep the valley is, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. He will pull you out. That’s a guarantee. Nobody can help you but God. Human beings will fail you. They will let you down but you have 100% assurance that Jesus will always be there. I think about it sometimes and I wonder, “What else do we really need?” No matter how low you sink, God will find you and lift you right back up. Keep your eyes fixed on Him.


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