It doesn’t matter who has gone ahead of you

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I listened to a very powerful message in church yesterday; one that gave me a lot of things to ponder on. We’ve been doing a series about purpose in my church and yesterday’s message was all about how to fulfil your life’s purpose.

In his message, the pastor gave an example that I could do relate with. I’m sure many people could relate with it as well. He told us about two couples that were friends. Couple A started courtship before couple B but couple B eventually got married before couple A. Not only did couple B get married first, they also had a child before couple A eventually got married. By the time couple A finally got married, baby number two was on the way for couple B. However, shortly after couple A got married. God blessed them twins! I’ll write the concluding part of this story in the pastor’s words; “Now when anyone wants to greet couple A and B, they say “How are the children?” It doesn’t matter who started first or who has gone ahead of you; God will supernaturally accelerate things for you.”

When he made that last statement, my mind went “Boom…that’s a word right there”. It reminded me of the Scripture that says the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. It is easy to get discouraged when things don’t happen when you want them to happen. I’m at a season of my life where every other day people around me are getting engaged and popping babies like there is no tomorrow. Let’s not talk about the constant side eye from my mother when the topic of marriage comes. Quite epic really. It used to bother me but I know people who it still bothers. I cannot count the number of ladies I have spoken to, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and be confident that their men will come. By the way, it’s not only the ladies it bothers. I have some male friends who are also getting worried.

For someone, it may be about their career. Things look like they are not moving forward. Promotion hasn’t come in ages and it doesn’t look like it will come. For another, it could be getting out of a tough situation. You’ve gone round and round that mountain so many times and you’re beginning to wonder, “Will I ever move forward?” I must confess, it is sometimes hard to stay positive when it looks like you are being left behind but that is exactly what you need to do.

Stay positive. Your baby will come. Your house will come. Your promotion at work will come. That big break will surely come. It doesn’t matter who has gone ahead. It doesn’t matter what your peers who you graduated the same time with are doing. Your time will come. God will show up for you in grand style. Just remain on the path that He has set before you. Stay focused. When that feeling of discouragement comes, encourage yourself with the word of God. See your glorious future and be rest assured that God will bring it to pass for you.

Have a great week. I pray God will do something exceptional for you…something that will cause you to shed tears of joy! 🙂


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