#ThursdayInspiration – God is calling you deeper

It’s been a busy week as usual but I’m grateful to God for the victories and progress that I have been able to make. It is amazing the things God will cause you to accomplish when you yield to His voice and step out of the boat. God has a grand plan for you but He needs you to walk in partnership with Him. That is why He gave us free will. He can give you a vision but it is up to you to run with it.

There is one question that I want you to ask yourself today and the question is this; “Am I living a regular life?” You may be wondering what a regular life looks like. I’ll tell you. You wake up every day, go to work, carry out your roles and responsibilities at work, finish up with work, maybe hang out with friends, go home and then you go to bed. If your daily routine closely mirrors this, you are living a regular life. If every day, you don’t positively impact at least one person, you are living a regular life. If all you do is make money and spend it on yourself and your family…you guessed it, you are living a regular life.

I could go on and on but I’m sure by now you get the point. God has called you for so much more. He created you for a purpose and you should spend your days pursuing that purpose. There are greater heights God wants to take you to. He is calling you deeper. Never settle for less than God’s best. Don’t live a frivolous life. Always be mindful of the fact that everything you do today will have an impact on your tomorrow. Treat people with respect. Don’t dishonour anybody, no matter how small they may look in your eyes. And please, don’t pull people down just because you want to rise. That’s just tacky. God who has called you will open doors for you. There is no need to bring people down or tarnish another person’s image just to look good. Greatness cannot be achieved that way. Instead, be the person who pulls other people up as you go higher. There is room for everyone under the sun.

Today’s song is one that is really dear to my heart. It reminds me that there is more. It tells me that my present situation is not my final destination because where God is taking me to is so much bigger than where I am right now. Enjoy the song and reflect on the lyrics. Most importantly, let it lead you to desire more.


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