I’ll be loving you till we’re 70!

Over the last few days, the lyrics of the song ‘Thinking out loud’ by Ed Sheeran have been coming to me, especially the chorus. I’ve actually been singing it “randomly” every day. I first heard the song at a wedding I went for last month and I fell in love with it. As soon as I got home, I went to search for the song because I didn’t know who sang it. Somehow, I found it and I thought it was a beautiful song and it ended there.

I cannot really say why the lyrics were coming to me. I am not in love at the moment. A friend of mine heard me as I was singing the song in one of my “random” moments and she screamed “Oh my God, Doyin who is he?” I actually didn’t understand what she was on about. As if she read my mind she said “Clearly, there is a guy somewhere that is making you sing this song.” When I told her that wasn’t the case, the expression on her face was priceless. She just shook her head and moved on.

So it got me thinking; isn’t it possible to genuinely like a love song without being “in love”? I see the side eye my mum gives me sometimes when she catches me singing some romantic songs. My aunties are the worst…you know the ones who police your DP waiting for you to post a picture of Le Boo! You see, sometimes being single can be such a hassle; questions, expectations and the unnecessary drama. Sometimes I want to tell people, “Can you let me breathe please?”

Really though, the monitoring is just getting out of hand. I put a picture of myself and my friend last month and I put the caption “Me and oga *insert name*.” Oh I didn’t hear word for days! I usually tease my male friends by calling them “Oga Bayo” for example so there was no hidden message in that particular caption. But people did not get it. Using the word “Oga” meant that I was announcing the main man in my life to the whole world. Sigh. Just when the drama over the picture was dying down, I put up a picture of my ‘big brother’ and his fiancé on the day they got engaged. Somehow, I really don’t know how or even why, I received tons of congratulatory messages for days. It was unbelievable. I got tired of explaining that the lady in the picture wasn’t me. This thing went on for almost two days until I had to remove the picture. I mean; is it that bad? Now I cannot post pictures of my friends when they get engaged? Again…sigh!

I read an article not too long ago titled “Is it your single?” and I just loved the headline because I could so relate to it. People should let single women live their lives in peace. It’s not your single! Every action does not have to be related to being in love. Some of you act like being single is an incurable disease. If you care so much, please just pray that God will send Mr Right at the right time. That’s a better use of your energy than digging for things that do not exist.

So the next time you hear me sing “And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70”, don’t ask me if I’m in love. Just keep calm and sing along with me 🙂


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