Sometimes, greatness is not in the big leaps!

It’s past 2am as I write this post. I wonder when I will start sleeping like a ‘normal’ person. There’s something about working at night that just gets me going; the silence, the stillness and the serenity of it all. The bad part is waking up in the morning. Trust me, it is always a struggle. But I always manage to get up and show up in the office somehow.

As my eyelids are shutting and my bed screams my name, my heart won’t let me rest until I put down some words on this blog. I have been super busy in the past few days. I have some exciting projects that I have been working on. Don’t worry all will be revealed this week by God’s grace. I’m just putting one or two finishing touches to them.

One of the projects involved me taking a really bold move; one that I have been putting off for a while now. I was waiting for everything to be ‘perfect’. I was waiting until I had the right amount of money and an assistant perhaps. But every passing day, the dream kept tugging at my heart. One or two God-sent people would come my way to remind me that I need to take that bold step. I finally did last week and it has been amazing. A lot of hard work but amazing nonetheless.

Fear is a horrible thing. We all know that but do you that perfection is equally horrible? It can waste your dreams because perfection never comes. You just get perfected as you go. So if you are still waiting around and waiting for everything to be perfect before you make your move, you just might be wasting your time. Have you ever considered the fact that it may look like God is not doing anything now because He is waiting for you to move?

A great man of God once told me that provision follows vision. There has to be a vision first and then provision follows. I would like to add another layer to that; provision follows vision that is acted upon. It is possible to have a vision and not do anything about it. It is possible to have a vision and waste it because you are waiting for everything to be perfected. When you act on your vision, provision will follow. I feel like such a deep person right now. On a serious note though; stop waiting around for the sun to come out or for that uncle to give you a loan. Just move.

The move you need to make might be different from the move another person needs to make. My move was a simple one that had a  ripple effect. I’m sorry it looks like I’m keeping you in suspense. I’ll reveal all soon. I’m glad I made my move. What about you? Have you made your move? If not, what are you waiting for? Do something. God will bless and amplify the move you make. Trust me. He gave you that vision for a reason. And do you know what? You most likely don’t have the full revelation of that vision. The vision God gave me last year has become twice what God showed me originally. As I follow His leading and act on His word, He reveals a new dimension of the vision.

I’m going to end on this note; greatness does not always reside in the big dramatic leaps. It also resides in the small continuous steps taken in response to God’s word. That small step could be registering a business name. It could be writing that business plan. It could be stepping out of your comfort zone. Those small steps taken consistently over time will lead to greatness.

Do have a great week and take a bold step this week!


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