Keep going…and celebrate the milestones as you go

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog and that is not good at all. With each coming week, I get busier and busier. I’m not complaining…I prayed for it and it is just the beginning of the manifestation of the word that God gave to me.

“A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16 (NKJV)

Over the long weekend, I got a revelation of the depth of that Scripture. If you know me (and you should by now since you read this blog), you know that I love to work and push myself. I believe my best is still ahead of me so I always stretch myself. I always find a way to achieve my tasks, no matter what it takes. That’s good and all but it dawned on me that I don’t celebrate my achievements. In fact, I don’t even acknowledge them. You know when you have that “It’s one of those things” attitude? That’s how I’ve been.

I remember telling someone about a particular project I have been working on. While I kept emphasizing the flaws and what still needs to be done, she stopped me and said “Doyin, you’ve done a fantastic job so far and you need to learn how to celebrate that. Forget the resources you don’t have yet. They will come but you must celebrate your milestones.” As she was talking, I just kept saying to myself “This is a fantastic job?” I had set my bar of achievement so high that anything less did seem worthy of celebration. It reminds me of when I was in college and it was time to take home our report cards. Once I see a ‘B’ grade in any subject I will just start to feel depressed. A ‘C’ grade led to tears. My father expected A’s. ‘B’ was manageable but ‘C’? It was never a contender. He called it the “let my people go grade”. My mates used to be amazed at my reaction when I got a ‘B’ or ‘C’. “If I have your report card now, me I’ll jumping up and down”, they’ll say. Me? I’d just look at them as if they didn’t know where they were going in life.

So I have always had very high expectations placed on me since I was a child and that has followed me till now. While it is good to pursue excellence (everyone should) it is also good to be able to take a break and just tell yourself “Well done”. I beat myself a lot especially when I am not where I want to be or when I make a mistake. There is just this pressure that I cannot explain. I’m not competing with anyone but myself. So I’m always striving to be better and better.

It’s time for me to pause and just celebrate God for all the things I have been able to achieve so far. I had the opportunity to go to a very prominent church in Lagos recently and I thought to myself; “If I had just a quarter of the resources this church has in my ministry job, I will do four times the work I am doing now!” And it’s the truth. So while the ministry is not where I want it to be yet, I am happy with what I have been able to achieve so far. I can hear some people say “Finally she cuts herself some slack.”

I am happy that I have been able to follow my passion and it is truly making room for me. I recently told someone about the different publications I have written for and as I was talking I realised I have done a lot. I have never even celebrated that milestone. I have four published magazines to my name. I have been a contributor to several magazines and my work has been published on various platforms. I think it’s worth celebrating.

Take a break now and celebrate how far you have come. For some of you, you never thought you’d ever get this far while for others, people (even family members) told you that you will never make it. But here you are; still standing and soaring. Please stand up and give yourself a nice ovation. You have worked hard and you should celebrate your achievements. Keep winning and keep doing great things!


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