You should cherish the little things

A few years ago (I’m not going to tell you how many) some people tried to discourage a young man from asking me out because according to them, “I was high maintenance”. They had every reason to say so I guess. I had all the latest gadgets and clothes. I didn’t lack anything apparently. Thankfully (or maybe not), the young man asked me out and he eventually discovered that I wasn’t “high maintenance” after all.

He discovered that I cherished affirming words more than expensive gifts. He got to find out (the hard way I must say) that companionship was more important to me than going to fancy places. Even when I didn’t feel like talking to him, his mere presence was enough. If he held my hand or played with my hair, it was even better. He discovered that the little things was what mattered most to me.

In our relationships with people, we tend to forget about the little things; the “I just called to check up on you” phone calls, the “thinking about you” text messages and the like. We forget that sending someone a thoughtful gift every now and then is more important than going to fancy restaurants every other day. I’m not saying it’s not good to go to fancy restaurants before some people cut off my head but that in itself is not enough. There are more meaningful ways to show that you care about someone. I know someone who was so hung up on saving up to take his girlfriend to the fanciest restaurant in town when all she wanted was for him to give her constant attention instead of calling her once in two days as he did back then. He was disappointed when she was not as excited as he was when he finally took her to that restaurant. They ate in the company of silence. It wasn’t a memorable outing at all.

I don’t know why I’m writing about this but I feel we are gradually losing the essence of what being a great friend or partner is all about. Be thoughtful. Think about ways you can make your friend or partner happy. I’d even say, just put a smile on someone’s face through a random act of kindness. I see so many people around with long faces and frowns. I must confess, sometimes putting a smile on someone’s face is the last thing on my mind but I still think about it and on some occasions I have actually done it. I think you should try it. Something as simple as a hug can do the trick. Again, it’s all in the little things.

Cherish the little things. Give compliments as frequently as possible. Show up at someone’s office and take them out for lunch. Buy someone recharge card. Just brighten someone’s day. I hope you’ll do that today 🙂


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