You can be as powerful as your pastor

A few months ago, a friend of mine gave me a series of messages by Pastor Funke Adejumo and to say that those messages were a blessing would be an understatement really. I was more than blessed. Those of you who know Pastor Funke will know that she does not joke. She urges you to open your mouth and confess the right thing over your life, your family, your children and so on.

One evening as I finished listening to one of her messages, I began to think about why it is that in this day and age many Christians release full ownership of their lives and destiny to their pastors. There are Christians who don’t believe they can be healed until a man of God lays hands of them. I met someone years ago and the person had a problem that had persisted for a while. In an attempt to get the problem solved, this person had gone from one mountain to the other. She had taken her bath in different rivers across the country. In my mind I was like “What is all that?” I just couldn’t understand why she had to go through all that stress just to get a breakthrough when she could have made a personal appointment with God and prayed her way to victory. I didn’t understand why she was going from one crusade to the next when she could have opened her Bible and consistently affirmed the word of God over her situation.

I agree that there are problems that are so bad that they require the intervention of the man of God over your life. But there are people who desperately seek out a man of God just to be healed of a headache. Some cannot even make a move until their pastor tells them to. There are people who hear from God only through their pastors. That is not how things ought to be. What is the essence of the Holy Spirit in your life if you seek direction from various sources but Him. I was listening to a message by Pastor Sam Adeyemi one day and he said, “There is nothing your pastor will say that is beyond the word of God. You should be able to go to God yourself.”

When you face challenges, in whatever form, you should first go to God yourself. You are the first prophet over your life. Speak into the situation. Your pastor can join you in prayers but you cannot delegate that task to him alone. You have to play your part. Open your Bible and read. It’s nice to listen to messages from your favourite pastors but it is nicer and much better to take your Bible and read it. When lack faces you, can you be confident in the fact that God will supply all your need according to His riches? Can you take time out and pray for yourself?

Every morning you wake up, prophesy into your day. Don’t just rush out. Talk to God. Speak into your day and say what you want to see. Have an important interview? Declare God’s favour over you. Need Him to move mountains for you? Confess it. You cannot keep calling your pastor every time a problem arises. For those who have been born again for a while and still do this, there needs to be a change. God cannot be happy seeing you going from mountain to mountain when you can just talk to Him about the problem.

I want to see a generation of believers who take ownership of their lives and their relationship with God. You can pray and the windows of heaven will open. You don’t even need to be in church, you can do it right in your room because you carry the presence of God with you everywhere you go. Don’t delegate the authority you have in Christ to anyone. Develop your relationship with God and grow your faith.


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