Is it by force to share food?

I know it’s Monday and I’m supposed to write a ‘deep’ post but please indulge me this morning. I feel like writing about something really light. My brain is not just willing to write anything deep at the moment. I think it is still recovering from the long weekend that I had. I’ll tell you about that later anyway.

So let’s get right into the heart of the matter. I want to ask a little question before I do so; “Is it by force to share food?” This matter has been on my mind for a while now. I know there is joy in sharing and it’s good to show your neighbour some love by sharing what you have with them but have you been in situations where you just don’t want to share, especially when it comes to food? I have! Loads of times.

Take last week for example. I was in the office trying to get into my work flow. You know some days the ideas flow while other days it is like it is stuck in one long Lagos traffic. That day was one of the slow days. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and it was almost 2pm. Since I hadn’t been so productive, I thought, “Let me indulge myself, maybe the content will flow then.” So I went out and bought myself doughnut (all my #TeamFitFam, just hold your comments please) and Five Alive Berry Blast. My intention was to go back to the office and slowly sip away on my Berry Blast and listen to some cool music. I had no plans to share. I didn’t want anyone to come and ‘shorten my ration’. Yes I know Five Alive is a huge carton but you are missing the point; I was not just in the mood to share.

As I got back to the office, one of my colleagues immediately asked for the juice. My response was to give him a side eye. My look said “Don’t just go there”. I think he got the message because he did not ask the question a second time (Yes I know, I can be mean). But really, I sipped on my juice nicely and took the remaining home and sipped on it again as I worked overnight. It truly served its purpose.

Some people have tried to make me feel bad but my defence to all of them has been the same; you don’t have to share all the time. I’m sure some of you have said to someone “Come and eat” and deep within you, you were seriously praying that they would say no. Don’t lie. Me I’ve done it many times. I didn’t know it was an offence not to call people to join you to eat until I moved back to Nigeria. Back then I used to say, “Why would I ask you to come and eat when I don’t really mean it?” Some people said it was just a sign of courtesy and people don’t really respond to it. But it will shock you…people do respond to “Come and eat” and if you are not careful, they will finish the whole food right before your eyes. It has happened to me several times so I know.

And it’s not just about food alone. I think we should have a right to determine how and when we want to share. I don’t think it should be an expectation that I must share my food with everyone around me. Sometimes, I just want to ‘solo’ my food in peace. Don’t harass me because of that.

I just really needed to get that off my chest! Now please don’t take this post as a license to become stingy. Please share with the needy and those who do not have. Give as much as you can. But once in a while, it is ok to enjoy the things that are yours without having to share. Have a very productive week.


3 Replies to “Is it by force to share food?”

  1. Hmmm
    I won’t judge you.
    I’m not really social. If I invite you to eat, I make sure I mean it.

    My flaw is this, if I don’t invite you and you ask, I would rather buy you lunch than share my lunch.

    My idiosyncracy and I got to that place where I buy lunch for my conscience sake.

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