You may have been prioritizing the wrong thing

I have had the privilege of listening to the success stories of many great men and women. Some of them are believers while others are unbelievers. The unbelievers all follow certified principles of life. You know the work hard, remain diligent, what you sow is what you reap principles? There are basic life principles that will make you successful whether you are a Christian or not. They are just simple laws of life.

But then, there is another dimension that moves you from regular success to outstanding success. This dimension cannot be obtained through the natural principles of life. It comes from staying connected to the giver and creator of life. This dimension is the supernatural and it is accessed through constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I can see some skeptical people rolling their eyes! Whether you believe or not, there is a particular level of success you can only get to by the grace and power of God.

That is why prayer is very important. Many of us prioritize hard work, self-improvement and so on when prayer is the thing that we should prioritize first. For some of us, prayer comes like an after- thought; like the icing on the cake when it should actually be part of the main ingredient that makes up the cake. I listened to a very powerful testimony that really emphasized this important point about prayer to me.

We had the popular comedian, Helen Paul, in my church yesterday and she shared her success story with us. She mentioned how she lived with a group of people who used to wake up at 4.30am every morning and pray until about 7am when they would suddenly remember that they were late for work. They did this consistently for many years and Ms Paul said there was a clear difference in their lives. I thought about what she said and I remembered the many days that my alarm would go off at 5am and I will snooze it to 7am; that is the point at which I immediately jump out of my bed and rush to get ready to go to the office because I was on the verge of being late. I would mouth a quick 5-minute prayer and by past 8, I am out of the house. I know there are many people who can identify with this but is this how things ought to be?

Are we to prioritize sleep over spending quality time with God in prayer? Are our jobs more important than God? Why can’t I seem to create time to pray but I manage to have time to be on social media chatting with friends and liking their posts? What kind of child would I be if I do not spend time fellowshipping with my Father? We really need to evaluate some things when it comes to our spiritual lives and the way we prioritize prayer should be one of those things.

Spending time with God is crucial if you want to overcome the world and prayer is the key to doing so. When you pray, especially when you pray in tongues, you sow seeds into your present and your future. Every morning that you set out time to pray, you are shaping the course of the day even though you might not realise that it is what you are doing. If you start the day with God as an afterthought, can you be genuinely surprised when things don’t work out for you as they should? I believe God prioritizes those who prioritize Him. He loves the whole world but He specially loves those who are in constant fellowship with Him. You see it from the quality of the lives they live. The grace of God will be evident upon them. It’s not like they won’t face challenges but it would be obvious that even in the midst of the storm, the hand of the Lord is still upon them.

This is a wake up call for you and me. It’s time to get our priorities straightened out. Instead of seeking favours from men why don’t you try to please God. Instead of wanting to look good in the sight of men, won’t you prefer to look good in the sight of God. Seek God and pursue Him. Let Him be your number one. Everything else will fall into place when you do so.


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