Miss Adedoyin’s blog is one!

my blog 1

I cannot believe it. My blog is one! Wow. I never expected that I would be able to keep up this blog for a whole year. I was really sceptical because a year ago I was a lazy writer but since it was what God said I should, I decided to start the blog anyway. This is the third blog I have created but this is the first to go live and come this far. Praise God!

So where do I start from?

My aim when I started this blog was to touch at least one life. I had no idea what exactly I wanted to write about. All I just wanted to do was to make an impact. I had no target for the number of visits I was expecting. To be honest I was just fine if only one person read my posts. One year later, I can say that I achieved my aim. Not only have I been able to impact one person, I have built a virtual family thanks to my blog. I have made new friends…some I have met in person and some that I communicate with via emails. These friends share their struggles and joys with me and we support one another.

my blog

That’s another thing; I had no idea how much this blog would impact me when I first started. Month after month, I was amazed at people’s response to my posts. From the comments to the emails…I never expected to receive the kind of love that I did. I received advice, words of encouragement and much more from my readers. This blog has truly been such a blessing.

To everyone who has taken the time to read one post or the other on this blog, I say thank you. To those who have read this blog consistently from the first post I wrote to this one, I say a bigger thank you! I really really appreciate you. You have watched me grow. You have shared my pain and happiness. When I started this blog last year, I was a young lady who had just finished NYSC and had no idea what she wanted to do with her life because the plans she had were abruptly changed by God. You have watched me grow in my faith. I have shared my love of God with you. I have also shared with you how I overcame the most difficult times of my life. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for caring. I’m sending you virtual hugs!

I cannot forget to thank God for telling me to start this blog. He knew that I would come this far when I doubted myself. He knew the lives waiting to be blessed by my words when I had no idea that such lives existed. Thank you Lord for loving me more than I could ever love myself. Writing consistently for a year wasn’t easy I must confess, but I did it because I had the vision You gave me in mind.

Thank you all so so much. I am so excited as I write this post…you have no idea! Every dream can become a reality if you can stay committed to working hard minute by minute, day by day. With God on your side, nothing will be impossible for you. This milestone that I have achieved has proven that even though you have failed at something several times, you can still succeed in it. Don’t let the fact that you have failed before cause you to give up. Pick yourself up, dust your shoulders and keep moving!

Happy one year anniversary to Miss Adedoyin’s Blog…hehe

PS – Some people have complained that I hardly put pictures of myself on the blog. So just for you, here’s what I look like these days.

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi


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