Have you carved your niche?

About a year ago, I decided to go into content development. “Content development? What is that? Why don’t you go and get a proper job?” Those were the just a few of the comments I received. There were some comments that I was indifferent to while some made me feel really bad. Since it was what God told me to do, I chose to stick with it.

I remember the first client I got…two months after I decided to start the business. The person wanted to edit a book. Guess how much I was paid? N5, 000. I had done a fancy price list but this client was in no way able to afford that price and then let’s look at it frankly; who was going to pay a relatively unknown young lady so much money to edit a book? I hadn’t proven myself yet so I had to start small. Really small. I’ll be lying to you if I told you that I was confident throughout this process. I was discouraged so many times. I even registered with Jobberman to get a job at some point.

Even though I was frustrated with the business not moving an inch, there was one thing I absolutely refused to do. I refused to become something I’m not. I was in Ibadan at the time when I started and quite a number of people suggested that I should get a job with a bank. The reasoning made sense. I would make cool money which I can save and use for my business. The problem was I had no desire to be a banker. Also, God did not tell me to be a banker. Me applying for jobs was even an act of unbelief. God did not send me.

What God sent me to do is what I am doing now. Yes it is not a popular thing but it is my thing and I am happy with what I do. I’ve carved a nice niche for myself. Have you done the same? Many people are so hung up on making it that they go with the crowd when it comes to their career or business choice. I met someone recently who said she wanted to go into journalism and be like Toke Makinwa. After asking her a few questions because I just wasn’t convinced she knew what being like Toke Makinwa entailed, I discovered that she is more comfortable being behind the scene. She said she really doesn’t love to be “out there”. Then I asked her if the media is something that she really loves. She said “No”. All she was just interested in was making money. I had to give her a long speech about why I believe she is heading down the wrong path.

Time did not permit me to ask her what she really loves to do. That is a good place to start when you want to carve a niche for yourself. What you love to do may be something that is popular already eg being a make up artist but do you know that you can still carve a niche in that thing for yourself? You need to ask yourself, what can I do differently? How can I package my work differently? Is there a better way that I can offer my services? What are current make up artists doing wrong that I can use to my advantage?

If on the other hand what you love to do is not something that is popular, please don’t dump it and chase after what is not yours. If you chase something you are not gifted for, or something you are not passionate about, it is not likely that you will succeed in that thing. It does not matter if people currently make millions of naira from it. Writing and creating content comes naturally to me. I have improved and expanded on this natural skill by adding other skills to it. It makes me more valuable. I can offer a nicely rounded package to all my clients and I keep improving myself.

Seek God’s guidance before you choose a career path or business to go into. Study yourself as well. Know your strengths. Go for something you love to do. Look out for a need you can meet when deciding on what kind of business to do. Don’t just jump into selling clothes because people are selling clothes and they are making money from it. As long as you are adding value, you will make money. So look our for what you’re good at and carve your niche.


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