So something funny happened…

You see there are a lot of things God really needs to help me with and one of them is being totally absent minded. I’ve always had moments where I just blank out. I’ll be somewhere but only my body will be physically present. My mind would most likely be in a completely different time zone. It wasn’t so bad before and I could manage it easily. Lately however, that hasn’t been the case.

So something funny happened yesterday on my way from the office. Usually I have my earphones plugged in. Since I don’t want to be hit by some overzealous driver, I leave one ear out. So there I was enjoying a nice walk with music playing in my ears. I really wasn’t listening to the music but I was aware that something was being played. I had to use the overhead bridge and as I got to the top, I discovered it was water-logged. I had to plan out my strategy of walking through the bridge without soaking my shoes in water. I succeeded until I got close to the end of the bridge where I was to climb the stairs down to the other side of the express. A guy was coming (I didn’t see this guy’s face. I just know he wore a suit) and I decided to move at the same time that he moved. I was tired of waiting for people to walk through. Trust Nigerians, they hardly ever wait. As he passed by me, this guy held on to my elbow. Now it looked as if he was about to fall and he had to hold on to me. Then he lingered. I was already boiling at this time but I couldn’t be bothered to turn back. I was still appalled though; “How can he hold my hand like that? Are his hands even clean? Maybe he’s a perv?” Those were some of the questions in my mind.

I shook my elbow from his grip vigorously and I made my way down the bridge still trying to figure out what kind of psycho holds someone’s elbow on the top of an overhead bridge. Suddenly I heard someone shout my name; apparently he had been calling me for a while. It was the ‘psycho’ who held my elbow. He was someone I knew. Sigh…I cannot explain how bad I felt. “Doyin na wa o. Did I offend you? I was trying to wave at you on the bridge but you were not looking at me. I held your hand and you still did not look at me. I called out your name. You didn’t even look back. I had to follow you down just to make sure you’re not fighting with me.” I didn’t even know where to begin. I hadn’t noticed anyone trying to wave at me. I don’t really know why I didn’t turn. It just felt like I was being dragged out of my zone and I needed to leave that little scene asap.

Trust me, I really did my best to explain to him that I could be very absent minded. A friend of mine complained that he saw me walking on the road last week, tried to get my attention with the car horn but I didn’t turn for just a second. When that didn’t work, he parked his car and shouted my name…yours truly still didn’t notice. Honestly ehn, when he was talking I had no clue what he was on about. I didn’t notice any car. I didn’t hear anybody calling me. I was just in my own world as I was walking.

Thankfully the guy on the bridge was not offended. Others have been. Some have concluded that I’m a snob (This title has been there from ageless past). I really cannot explain it. I know I have always disliked people stopping me on the road to talk to me. I just find it really annoying. When I was in uni, I enjoyed taking long walks and I would be fully plugged in…you know how they have sidewalks in obodo oyinbo so there’s no need to be scared that a trailer would hit you. I think this must have been the time I developed this bad habit. When those earphones go in, Miss Adedoyin signs out. I remain in my head until I get to my destination. Back then though, I was still a bit more aware of the things happening around me and it was easier to get my attention.

Some have suggested that I should stop listening to music when I am walking. I’m not sure I can do that. The whole process of walking and listening to music is so soothing. And to be honest, in a day that may be the only time I would get to reflect. I know being this absent-minded is not good but what’s the solution? Sigh…God really needs to help me!


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