Breathe…there’s no need to panic

Have you ever had a panic attack before? I’ve had one too many that I know the feeling so well. The feeling of being choked, heart beating so fast it feels like your chest is about to burst, head spinning out of control. You get the picture. Panic attacks are just terrible. And do you know what’s even more terrible? It’s the fact that the thing(s) that caused the panic attack are usually things that can be easily sorted if only we can learn to surrender them to God and have faith.

Some of the things that used to cause panic attacks for me back in the day were unpaid bills, a mail from the university’s finance department, a rejection letter from a company I applied to for a job, a visa rejection stamp. Really I could go on and on. The smallest things made me panic. There was a time I started having bad dreams about my dad so anytime I called him and he didn’t pick, I would begin to panic seriously. I would have imagined the worst only to later discover that he was tied up in a meeting. All the unpaid bills that caused me to panic were eventually paid somehow. God just made a way. Even on the days when I had no food to eat and no money to buy food, an angel from somewhere would just show up with exactly what I needed. I used to hate (and still hate) asking people for money but there are times people just gave me money not knowing how seriously broke I was.

When I look back at all those things that caused me serious panic attacks, I wonder why I was so worried. It was simply because I hadn’t grown in my faith in God. I was still drinking the milk of the word. Thank God I didn’t die. Yes, it was that bad. I thank God that I can look back on those experiences and laugh about them. I have grown. I breathe better when storms come. Of course, I get scared every now and then but then I literally look up to heaven and I know God is in control. It’s really not my business to know how He will do it. Knowing that He will sort things out is sufficient for me. The how is quite unnecessary. It’s not like God will do anything illegal!

If you are facing a storm or you feel your world is about to crash, can I tell you something? Just breathe. Breathe. The fact that you don’t have that thing you think you need is not the end of the world. I use the words “think you need” because it is only God who truly knows what you need. So why exactly are you stressing yourself? When you worry, nothing about that situation changes. Back in the day my landlady never said, “Oh Doyin, you don’t need to pay this month’s rent because I can see you are very worried about it.” Did she send me? All she wanted was her money. Even when I was at the point of being homeless, it wasn’t the panic attacks that saved the day. No. It was God’s divine favour and mercy.

Do you now see why you don’t need to panic? Instead of focusing on that bad situation, focus on God instead. See Him working. See Him turning things around for you. I don’t care how bad that situation is. Is there anywhere in the Bible where it says that there is any situation that is too hard for God to handle? I am yet to see that scripture. So please rest in Him. Let your heart be at peace. When things look bleak, just get your praise on. Praise Him because you know that He will overcome for you; whether it is sickness, joblessness, loneliness…whatever the situation is called God is more than able to handle it. So breathe. There’s no need to panic.


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