There is always more to achieve

I mentioned yesterday that the month of May was awesome for me. I did a lot of soul-searching and it related to my ministry. Many nights I would lay awake just thinking of how to use social media more effectively for my church. I wasn’t satisfied with the work I was doing because I know deep down, there is so much more.

Indeed, there is so much more but that ‘more’ comes with desire. You cannot grow if you don’t want to grow, no matter how much people force you to. There is greatness within you and I but we have to tap into that greatness. We have to desire to accomplish more. I love the way Pastor Brian Houston puts it; “No matter how much God blesses, there is always so much more to do and achieve.” I couldn’t agree more. Every time you reach a new height, there is a higher height to get to. It all depends on how high you are willing to go and how much you want to stretch yourself.

In the midst of all my reflection, I listened to the message Pastor Brian preached at TD Jakes’ Pastor’s and Leader’s Conference last year and I just cannot find the words to use to describe it. My eyes were opened. He said a lot. I don’t intend to share all that he said here but I’ll share some points that really got me thinking. Please get the full message if you can. Seriously, it will bless you.

Pastor Brain was speaking about culture and the first thing he said was that everything has a culture. If you want to have a strong culture in your organisation or ministry, you cannot build it. You have to be that culture. Take a minute to let that sink in. As a leader, the culture of your organisation revolves around you. Let me put it in Pastor Brian’s words;

As a leader, you cannot have a culture for your organisation or ministry that is different from the way you live.”

So it all starts with you. And this applies to whether you are leading a big organisation or a small group of people. Don’t expect your team to be excellent if you are not excellent yourself. Want your team to have a can-do spirit, then you need to have a can-do spirit. Now this is not to say that everyone who works with you will automatically imbibe your culture. There is bound to be one or two people who will just decide to go south but a majority will walk your walk and talk your talk.

You may be wondering how this point affects your life. Well I believe that everyone who is aspiring for greatness is going to be a leader one day. In fact, in one way or the other, you are already a leader even though it may be in a smaller capacity. It is better for you to start imbibing what it takes to be a great leader right now instead of waiting until the moment when leadership is thrust upon you. To be honest, if you don’t learn these things now, you won’t be a very good leader. You need to start acting like the person you dream to be right now. Your thinking and mindset has to shift.

I’ll share one more thought from Pastor Brian’s message and then share my further thoughts in other posts. Another significant thing Pastor Brian said is that empowerment starts with you. Empowerment is not something that moves downward; it also moves upward. So just as you expect your leaders and superiors to empower you, you can also empower them. To do this you need to ask yourself, “What can I do to empower my leader even more?” and “What else could I be doing that will release him or her further to expand and achieve the vision.” I had to pause the message at this point because that right there was just what I needed. I had been asking myself how to be better at my job but I was looking at it from the wrong perspective. When I looked at it from the angle of helping my leader achieve the vision God has given him, ideas started to flow.

So my job is not only about delivering on tasks given, I have to also empower my leader. That’s just exciting for me. It’s exciting for me because I am working with a ministry with a global vision so the possibilities are endless. When I look at the full picture, it motivates me to work even harder. That is also the kind of attitude you should adopt wherever you are. See the bigger picture. What you are part of is bigger than the role that you play. Pastor Brain said that in his message. Don’t see what you do as routine, especially if you are in ministry. It has to move beyond being your job to being your passion – your purpose. I feel like I’m about to start preaching!

The point of this long post is to stir you to desire more. You can do better. You can achieve more. The sky cannot be your limit when a place above the sky exists. Whatever your hands have found to do, do it diligently. Be committed. Always leave a mark of greatness no matter how small the role you are given is.


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