#LoveWalk: Loving people even with their wrong motives

Some people have confessed to me that they are finding it difficult to enjoy their love walk because to a very large extent, they are still suspicious of the motives of people. So they just want to mind their business and allow everyone to stay in their respective lanes.

Can I tell you something? You need to chill. Trust me, when you move around with the belief that everyone is up to something, you are cheating yourself of the great things God has in store for you. Sure, not everyone you will meet will have a pure agenda. Some want to take advantage of you or use you in one way or the other. I’m not denying that but it is also true that there are people who harbour genuine intentions. They just truly care about you and want to be your friend, no strings attached.

How can you differentiate between these two sets of people? Well, there is an element of risk involved. While I believe that the Holy Spirit can allow us to discern certain things about people, you cannot know people’s motives 100% of the time. It is just not possible. So it is a risk you just have to take. This is the stand I have chosen to take and you may find it helpful; love everyone with a genuine heart but be mindful of the people you grant access into your inner circle.

Walking in love does not mean that everybody you meet will be your friend or your intimate friend. It just means that you choose to show people love, whether or not you like them or they treat you right. It is making the conscious effort to show courtesy to people who have been very rude to you. Walking in love just basically means you are a better human being; walking the path that Jesus has already set out for us.

Don’t go out with the mindset of trying to make everyone your friend. That will be counter-productive and unsustainable. Just be determined to treat everyone that crosses your path with respect. Appreciate people and make them feel valued. You can do things for people who may never be able to repay you and that can change their lives forever. And you may never see such people again. Why waste an opportunity to be a blessing to someone just because you are suspicious of their motives? Forget their motives; you just walk in love.

Like I mentioned before; by all means guard your close circle. Don’t allow the wrong people into your life but make the decision to love everyone. The choice to love has nothing to do with them. Instead, it has more to do with becoming the person God wants you to be and living a life of significance.


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